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Nov 30, 2012 07:04 AM
by Ramanujachary

The subject of Meditation has become an imperative study for the modern man who is stuck up deep with the day-to-day activity in great rush and anxiety.
With lot of material in public domain, the following factors have become `common knowledge'
1. We are rooted in a Cosmos, about which we do not claim to be having fuller knowledge.
2. The Cosmic Power and Light are with each living-being secreted in the Heart.
3. It is possible to `invoke' that Power and allow the Light shine by a strong Will and Determination.
4. There is a process for that and it is generally called `Meditation'.
5. Constant endeavor and practice make things easy and achievable.
The cosmic Power goes by the name "Para" (= Beyond and External) and the Human Will to invoke it through the heart- "Antaryami" (=Inner Ruler Immortal).
The initial lesson for an aspirant is to realize that Unity and Inseparability of the two. This is "Swa-swaroopa Jnana" (=Knowing one's own true nature).
Having sensed it the next step would be "Para-swaroopa Jnana" and "Prakriti-swaroopa Jnana".
"Man: Know Thyself; Be Thyself" is the suggestion. The link or Catalyst for this is Meditation.
"Na-Anyah Panthaa- Vidyate Ayanaaya" (=There is no other way for the Learned) says a scripture of the East. This brings all the significance and uniqueness of meditation.
There are simpler methods for a beginner and deeper ones for the advanced. All  open before the aspirant as one follows the method.
Before an attempt is made in practice, it would be highly commendable to know why one is inclined to meditate. To put it in brief, it is not for self-glorification but to `become one with the Cosmic Power and Light'.
Dr N C Ramanujachary

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