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Theosophy is the Wisdom of the gods

Nov 28, 2012 09:30 AM
by Daniel

Mme. Blavatsky defines Theosophy as "Divine Knowledge or Science".

She goes on to give the "real meaning of the term":

" 'Divine  Wisdom,' (Theosophia) or Wisdom of the gods, as (theogonia), genealogy of the gods. The word theos means a god in Greek, one of the divine beings, certainly not 'God' in the sense attached in our day to the term. Therefore, it is not 'Wisdom of God,' as translated by some, but Divine Wisdom such as that possessed by the gods. The term is many thousand years old.". THE KEY TO THEOSOPHY.

Master K.H. writes more about these "gods" and their "wisdom":

". . . the highest Planetary Spirits...who can no longer err...appear on Earth but at the origin of every new human kind; at the junction of, and close of the two ends of the great cycle. And, they remain with man no longer than the time required for the eternal truths they teach to impress themselves so forcibly upon the plastic minds of the new races as to warrant them from being lost or entirely forgotten in ages hereafter, by the forthcoming generations."

"The mission of the planetary Spirit is but to strike the KEY NOTE OF TRUTH. Once he has directed the vibration of the latter to run its course uninterruptedly along the catenation of that race and to the end of the cycle ? the denizen of the highest inhabited sphere disappears from the surface of our planet ? till the following 'resurrection of flesh.' The vibrations of the Primitive Truth are what your philosophers name 'innate ideas.'"

"...The notions of hells and purgatory, of paradises and resurrections are all caricatured, distorted echoes of the primeval one Truth, taught humanity in the infancy of its races by every First Messenger ? the Planetary Spirit...? and whose remembrance lingered in the memory of man as Elu of the Chaldees, Osiris the Egyptian, Vishnu, the first Buddhas and so on."

"...At the beginning of each Round, when humanity reappears under quite different conditions than those afforded for the birth of each new race and its sub-races, a 'Planetary' [Spirit] has to mix with these primitive men, and to refresh their memories, and reveal to them the truths they knew during the preceding Round. Hence the confused traditions about Jehovahs, Ormazds, Osirises, Brahms, and the tutti quanti. But that happens only for the benefit of the first Race."

"It is the duty of the latter to choose the fit recipients among its sons, who are 'set apart' to use a Biblical phrase ? as the vessels to contain the whole stock of knowledge, to be divided among the future races and generations until the close of that Round....Every race had its adepts; and with every new race, we are allowed to give them out as much of our knowledge as the men of that race deserve it. The last seventh Race will have its Buddha as every one of its predecessors had; but, its adepts will be far higher than any of the present race, for among them will abide the future Planetary, the Dhyan Chohan whose duty it will be to instruct or 'refresh the memory' of the first race of the fifth Round men after this planet's future obscuration."



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