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Re: theos-talk Introduction

Nov 28, 2012 09:20 AM
by M. Sufilight

A few views...

Yes I have come across the name Otto Viking, but not used much time on his activities. If I remember correctly, there is a book by him in a theosophical library either in Copenhagen or in Aarhus.
And the library in Aarhus have the book "En klode griber ind" available.

I will give you as honest a reply I can give:
I am not interested in ordinary dogmatic Christianity and oppose it like Blavatsky did from the beginning of the formation of the Theosophical Society...And the (New Age group) Liberal Catholic Church with its constitution, objects and organizational structure is not something, I would like to see it blossom...I prefer an absolutely non-sectarian organizational structure. Because I find that Wisdom can never be sectarian and altruism cannot honestly in reality be promulgated and promoted through a sectarian body --- here an absolutely non-sectarian organizational structure is to be preferred above all else. Well as I see it. But maybe I have overlooked something - and misjudge the Liberal Catholic Church to be organizationally sectarian --- and that it has leanings towards the Catholic Church and its Jesuits? I am open for any new suggestions on this. Being open-minded is what I like.

I have heard it said that only Arhan's (fourth initiated) can move between the chains - and travel between the Earth and Venus. The law of karma is involved in this and most often block attempts by those who think that astral travels to Venus is possible before one is awakended enough. Astral travels where one imagine one visits Venus is of course possible, but I doubt that it is the real Venus being visited - and not in stead the astral sphere around and penetrating the planet Earth. Smile....

Aliens and UFO's
Now there are ghosts, spooks and vitalized apparitions --- I sometimes wonder whether some of those UFO's merely are one or two versions or so of those shape-shifter "spooks" sometimes seen at seances -- just in larger sizes...?

Maybe some of those Aliens merely are shape-shifter spooks or goblins or similar.

There is a doctrine or proverb known as: You see what you seek to see...

All the above are of course just my views and I might after all be wrong.
Especially since I do not claim myself to be infallible.

M. Sufilight

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Subject: Re: theos-talk Introduction

Thank you for the welcome. As you are a danish citizen I assume you are
familiar with the danish theosophist and liberal catholic bishop Otto
Viking (1885-1966). He is a good example of the connection between
theosophy and the early UFO movement. Viking was very interested in claims
of contact with alien intelligences and even wrote a novel in 1961 En klode
griber ind, english title A World Intervenes (Exposition Press, 1964). It
is a rather exciting story where two danish citizens become members of a
secret society of Venusians hiding on earth. They are taken to their
retreat and taught the ancient wisdom to help earth evolution. As you
understand swedish you can read more on Otto Viking on my blog:

I hope the danish theosophists have saved Otto Vikings books, journals och
correspondence for future study och research.
H×kan Blomqvist

2012/11/26 M. Sufilight <>


A big welcome to mister Blomqvist from me here in Denmark --- only a few
hours away. Smile.

M. Sufilight

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Subject: theos-talk Introduction

Here is a msg posted by a new member.
We all should be glad to have her here.

From: "H×kan Blomqvist" <hakan... <>
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2012 20:05:14 +0100
Subject: Introduction
Dear listmembers,
As a new member I wish to make a short introduction. I am 60 years,
librarian at the public library in Norrk×ping, Sweden. University studies
at Stockholm University (history of religions, theoretical philosophy,
ethnology). I have been a student of theosophy and the esoteric tradition
(Blavatsky, Bailey, Laurency) since teenage. One of the founders of and
presently director of Archives for UFO Research (AFU) which is the largest
UFO/fortean library/archive in the world. We have also very extensive
collections of parapsychology, mysticism, spiritualism, theosophy,
esoterica etc. I am the author of three books on UFOs and hundreds of
articles on various subjects. For me the esoteric tradition is a valuable
and interesting alternative paradigm in UFO research and also an inspiring
philosophy. It may be of interest for listmembers to know that the swedish
UFO movement was started by Adyar theosophists in 1958.
Looking forward to interesting discussions and exhange of information.
H×kan Blomqvist

H×kan Blomqvist
Archives for UFO Research:

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H×kan Blomqvist
Generalsgatan 41
SE-602 31 Norrk×ping
Telephone: +46 (0)11-13 75 90
Mobile: +46 (0)70-25 19 018
Archives for UFO Research:

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