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Re: theos-talk Introduction

Nov 27, 2012 10:34 PM
by Augoeides-222


 Although your reply was to Morten your mention of the Viking book in 1961 promotes to mention a similar scenery that actually took place in the 1950's in Italy where ET contact was conducted wiut hreal "walk-ins who were huamn in appearance though mush taller the most humans.This was framed by the alledged Extraterrestial Bases that were deep under the gorund under the Adriatic Sea from which the Et operated. Thus series in interactions was kno wn as the "Fr iends N etwork" in Italy. T here books authored by certain "experiencers who interacted i nÂdirect way with the Aliens and also some Videos in You Tube and Google Videos of the Friends events which was also secret society. It was also bridging a period in which te TV superimposition in England happened, the time of Adamski and others in the USA, the UFO flyover of Washington D.C. in 1952, the first appearence of Ashtar Command, and other synchronous events. There were also corrodinate events in South America. The ET of the Italy Friends Network terminated their projectÂas unaccomplishable and alledgedly closed and removed their under water bases before 1960. Some the books wrtitten by people who were in doirect contact with the primary E.T Representative Point persons are pretty interestingÂreading. 

Here is one url link that features the well known Poala Harris -Freinds Network page ( have a replete Folder on the Friends network) 




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Subject: Re: theos-talk Introduction 

Thank you for the welcome. As you are a danish citizen I assume you are 
familiar with the danish theosophist and liberal catholic bishop Otto 
Viking (1885-1966). He is a good example of the connection between 
theosophy and the early UFO movement. Viking was very interested in claims 
of contact with alien intelligences and even wrote a novel in 1961 En klode 
griber ind, english title A World Intervenes (Exposition Press, 1964). It 
is a rather exciting story where two danish citizens become members of a 
secret society of Venusians hiding on earth. They are taken to their 
retreat and taught the ancient wisdom to help earth evolution. As you 
understand swedish you can read more on Otto Viking on my blog: 

I hope the danish theosophists have saved Otto Vikingsï books, journals och 
correspondence for future study och research. 
Hïkan Blomqvist 

2012/11/26 M. Sufilight <> 

> ** 
> A big welcome to mister Blomqvist from me here in Denmark --- only a few 
> hours away. Smile. 
> M. Sufilight 
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> Subject: theos-talk Introduction 
> Here is a msg posted by a new member. 
> We all should be glad to have her here. 
> MKR 
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> Subject: Introduction 
> Dear listmembers, 
> As a new member I wish to make a short introduction. I am 60 years, 
> librarian at the public library in Norrkïping, Sweden. University studies 
> at Stockholm University (history of religions, theoretical philosophy, 
> ethnology). I have been a student of theosophy and the esoteric tradition 
> (Blavatsky, Bailey, Laurency) since teenage. One of the founders of and 
> presently director of Archives for UFO Research (AFU) which is the largest 
> UFO/fortean library/archive in the world. We have also very extensive 
> collections of parapsychology, mysticism, spiritualism, theosophy, 
> esoterica etc. I am the author of three books on UFOs and hundreds of 
> articles on various subjects. For me the esoteric tradition is a valuable 
> and interesting alternative paradigm in UFO research and also an inspiring 
> philosophy. It may be of interest for listmembers to know that the swedish 
> UFO movement was started by Adyar theosophists in 1958. 
> Looking forward to interesting discussions and exhange of information. 
> Hïkan Blomqvist 
> -- 
> Hïkan Blomqvist 
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> Archives for UFO Research: 
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Hïkan Blomqvist 
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