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Revisiting famous 1900 Letter from Mahatma KH to Annie Besant

Nov 26, 2012 07:03 PM
by .:.

Revisiting famous 1900 Letter from KH to Annie Besant

The letter has been in the possession of Annie Besant/TS at Adyar since
1900. Long after Besant passed away in 1936, it was printed in the
collection of Mahatma Letters by C Jinarajadasa. But portions of the letter
were redacted and the explanation was that they contain personal counsel to
Besant. TS (Adyar) under successive Presidents, never published the full
letter to this day.

Mysteriously, full letter was however published in 1987 in the Eclectic
Theosophist. The publishing revealed that the redacted portions were not
indeed any personal counsel to Besant as CJ claimed. By then CJ had died
and hence could not get first hand explanation from him.

One very important comment in the letter that has universal application is:

 âMisleading secrecy has given the death blow to numerous organizations.â

It did not say this applies only to spiritual or occult organizations.

Obviously all the Presidents who succeeded Besant as well as inner circle
of theosophists at Adyar must have known the contents of the letter and its
importance. What is puzzling to many students and dues paying members is
why it was withheld for 87 years until some how Eclectic Theosophist got
hold of a copy. This also raises the other question if there are other
letters from theosophical Mahatmas which have not seen the light of the day
and withheld from members and students.

Any student of Mahatma Letters will vouch that they all contain very
important and useful statements of timeless value and students can benefit
greatly in their study and self-improvement and thus self-transformation.

What do you think?


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