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Upcoming TS International Convention and General Council Meeting

Nov 25, 2012 08:19 PM
by .:.

In thirty days from now, the next International TS Convention at Adyar will
open. The day before the opening, traditionally the General Council of TS -
which consists of all the elected General Secretaries and a few appointed
members meet to discuss and decide on various matters affecting TS
world-wide. While TS is setup as a âdemocraticâ body,  the General Council
agenda is super secret and it is not unusual that the discussions and
decisions are not promptly disseminated to the members by the General
Secretaries who are responsible to its membership. The formal report is
published much later and at times may take a long time.

The General Council, its agenda and decisions came to the attention of the
membership in 2008 during the election of the International President due
to the tactics used by one of the candidates and the subsequent attempt to
push through radical initiatives surreptitiously keeping the members in
total darkness. But for the help of Internet, all that would have succeeded.

It would be interesting to watch the upcoming meeting of the GC. First of
all, attendance of the General Secretaries will indicate if they are
defacto boycotting the meeting as we saw in the meeting following the
election. Secondly, the topics discussed will indicate if issues to address
the long-term growth is seen as critical or not. For example one obvious
topic is the continuing shrinkage of membership world-wide, which while a
big elephant in the room, none of the leaders around the world has touched
upon it. Thirdly, while Ancient Wisdom is as old as man, the work future of
TS lies in the younger generation around the world. Reaching them is
critical for the welfare of Humanity. How is TS going to do it. Fourthly,
publishing industry is going all digital with hard copy being optional.
Theosophical publications are not keeping up with the trend and is hurting
in dissemination of theosophical publications to the world.

Let us keep tuned in.


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