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Re: theos-talk TSR-1

Nov 25, 2012 07:40 AM
by .:.

Speculating who could it be in the new incarnation, I do not recognize any
theosophist with the level of thoroughness and incisive in presentation.
Any guess?

On Nov 25, 2012 8:42 AM, "Ramanujachary nallanchakravarti" <> wrote:

> **
> T Subba Row (1856-â90) - 1
> Dr N C Ramanujachary
> The contribution
> of T Subba Row to the Theosophical Movement is indeed very valuable.
> Having read Isis Unveiled he entered into
> correspondence with HPB, which lead to a
> long and cherished association with both the Founders. His first letter to
> HPB shows
> his eager interest in Occult Science and the âIneffable wordâ. He was
> instrumental for Foundersâ visit to Madras and the location of HQ at
> Adyar. He
> had put in his efforts to formulate and systematize the philosophy of
> Theosophy. His Occult knowledge, highly appreciated by the Adepts
> occasionally,
> also speaks for his Chelaship of One among Them, even before the
> establishment
> of the theosophical association and his joining that.
> He was very sensitive to Occult literature and its practices,
> could not tolerate the sacrilege to that Science such as teaching to
> ineligible
> persons. He was not averse to Teaching the Westerners. He edited The
> Theosophist on behalf of HPB when she was away from HQ, Chennai. He was a
> member
> of the Council and also the Counsel for TS. A Medal was constituted in his
> name,
> at the insistence of a Master, to be awarded to an author every year. He
> lived
> a very short life of 33 years. Childless, he authorized his wife to adopt
> a boy.
> He was the Secretary and later President of Madras
> Theosophical Societyâs Branch. He did not appear to have visited any
> places,
> including Eluru and Kakinada (his native places in the composite Madras
> presidency, now in Andhrapradesh) on any Lecture tour for the TS. Perhaps
> his
> professional work being a very busy Lawyer at Madras did not permit him
> the time.
> But he had many chelas for himself, to mention a few: C Ramiah,
> VVSAvadhani,
> Subramania Iyer, Bhavani Shanker ; Ookley, CWL etc.) He helped many on the
> Path.
> It was his desire to retire early from the professional work,
> and lead a retired and relaxed life to write Books on Prasthanatraya.
> Kapila
> was his Ideal. He had contacts with Jupiter and other Masters. He was to
> be an
> assistant author for The Secret Doctrine, but for reasons already on
> record did
> not work on it. He liked the Proem. HPB, the author, immortalized him by
> immensely quoting from his Bhagavad-gita Lectures.His statements on Occult
> Philosophy stand the test of time.
> HPB made 3 prophesies in her Obituary note on him: He should
> come back soon; be born in South India; and must have longer life. They
> were,
> it appears, fulfilled.
> *****
> Literature is for Portrayal of Philosophic Ideas.
> Dr N C Ramanujachary(Srivirinchi)
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