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Initiation: A Photographic Illustration

Nov 23, 2012 10:49 AM
by Daniel

The life cycle of the monarch butterfly shows in graphic form the
teachings of the Masters on life after death.


At the same time, these stages of the monarch can also represent what happens to
person in the various stages of initiation.

Koot Hoomi writes:

"He who holds the keys to the secrets of Death is possessed of the keys of Life...."

That is, dying while living.

Initiation is, in fact, undergoing death while still living.

The personality of the initiate is changed, transformed and merged with the 
"reincarnating ego" or individuality.

Morya writes about the seven principles and says:

"Mr. Hume has perfectly defined the difference between personality and individuality. The former hardly survives ? the latter, to run successfully its seven-fold downward and upward course has to assimilate to itself the eternal life-power residing but in the seventh and then blend the three (fourth, fifth and seventh) into one ? the sixth. Those who succeed in doing so become Buddhs, Dyan Chohans, etc. The chief object of our struggles and initiations is to achieve this union while yet on this earth. Those who will be successful have nothing to fear of during the fifth, sixth and seventh rounds. But this is a mystery. Our beloved K.H. is on his way to the goal ? the highest of all beyond as on this sphere."

Notice this sentence:

"The chief object of our struggles and initiations is to achieve this union while yet on this earth."

See also this convenient chart of the afterdeath stages:

This union while still living is the goal of meditation, the spiritual path and true initiation.

This also is the path outlined in THE VOICE OF THE SILENCE.  See the following link for the specific passages from THE VOICE that I have extracted.

Our normal personality (the catepillar) is changed, transformed  into a new wonderous creature (the butterfly).

Again see the stages of the monarch butterfly at:

The path is clearly defined by KH:

" The truth is that till the neophyte attains to the condition necessary for that degree of Illumination
to which, and for which, he is entitled and fitted, most if not all of the
Secrets are incommunicable. The receptivity must be equal to the desire to
instruct. The illumination must come from within. Till then no hocus pocus of
incantations, or mummery of appliances, no metaphysical lectures or discussions,
no self-imposed penance can give it. All these are but means to an end, and all
we can do is to direct the use of such means as have been empirically found by
the experience of ages to conduce to the required object. And this was and has
been no secret for thousands of years. Fasting, meditation, chastity of thought,
word, and deed; silence for certain periods of time to enable nature herself to
speak to him who comes to her for information; government of the animal passions
and impulses; utter unselfishness of intention, the use of certain incense and
fumigations for physiological purposes, have been published as the means since
the days of Plato and Iamblichus in the West, and since the far earlier times of
our Indian Rishis. How these must be complied with to suit each individual
temperament is of course a matter for his own experiment and the watchful care
of his tutor or Guru. Such is in fact part of his course of discipline, and his
Guru or initiator can but assist him with his experience and will power but can
do no more until the last and Supreme initiation."

Daniel H Caldwell

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