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Gary Lachman on the Masters

Nov 23, 2012 09:55 AM
by Daniel

In his new biography on H P. Blavatsky, he writes:

"I think HPB's Masters were a ludibrium that got out of hand, a serious joke that went wrong, or at least caused as much trouble as good." (p. 294)

But he adds:

"Daniel Caldwell's excellent collection, THE ESOTERIC WORLD OF MADAME BLAVATSKY, includes many eyewitness accounts of meetings with the Masters by a wide range of people.  I can only leave it to the reader to judge their authenticity."
(p. 295)

In my opinion, Mr. Lachman relies to heavily on K. Paul Johnson's books about HPB and the Masters.  These books are filled with far too many vague speculations without any good evidential substantiation.

Unfortunately, Mr Lachman does NOT refer the reader to any of the critiques of Johnson's books.  Two of these critiques are online at:

Gary Lachman's biography can be ordered at:

And my book on HPB can be ordered at:

Reviews of my book can be found at:

And more testimonies. about the Masters can be found at:

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