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Oriental Philosophy: Ten proposistions if Isis - Restated

Nov 23, 2012 05:31 AM
by Ramanujachary nallanchakravarti

Laws of Nature: Oriental Philosophy

Dr N C Ramanujachary

To understand the principles of Natural Laws, involved in
occult phenomena, one must first have knowledge of the Fundamental Propositions
of the Oriental Philosophy, says Madame Blavatsky in her first book of
theosophical philosophy: Isis Unveiled. She recapitulates these
propositions in the end-chapter. An attempt is made in this article to put them
in more comprehensible way for the benefit of a common reader. She numbers them
as ten.

manifestation there is âNo Miracleâ.

There is a Law which is Eternal,  Immutable and ever-Active.
Everything that happens is in strict accordance with this Law.

âWell-ascertained Laws of Natureâ are
there. Science does not know that they were âonce knownâ but ânow unknownâ.

What goes by the name âMagicâ now, is
that what happens in operation of such âunknown lawsâ.

is three-fold: a) A visible Objective Nature.

 b) An Invisible, indwelling, energizing

 This is an exact model of (a) and is
its Vital Principle. c)
Spirit, the source of all Forces â which is Alone, Eternal, and Indestructible.

first 2 {a and b} change constantly; but
{c} does not change.

is also three-fold: a) Objective, Physical body.

Vital Astral body, the Real Man.

Sovereign, Immortal Spirit.

and b are brooded over and illuminated by c.


knowledge of these Principles, and the way by which the Omniscience and
Omnipotence of the Spirit and its control over Natureâs Forces may be acquired
by the Individual while in the body, is the Science of Magic.

The application of this Knowledge in
practice is the art of Magic. 

knowledge misapplied is Sorcery. When used beneficently it is True Magic or

is the becoming a passive instrument of foreign influences.

Adeptship is actively controlling
himself and all inferior potencies. 

Light or Tablet of the unseen universe has the record of all things that ever
were, are, and that will be. The
Initiated Adept, by using the vision of his own Spirit, can know all that has
been known or can be known.

of Men differ in spiritual gifts as in color, stature, or any other external
quality. Among some peoples, seership naturally prevails. Among others
mediumship prevails. Some are addicted to Sorcery, and they transmit its Secret
Rules of practice from generation to generation, with a range of psychical phenomena.
It will be as a result, more or less wide.

voluntary and conscious withdrawal of the Inner Man (Astral form) from the
Outer Man (Physical body) is one Phase of Magical Skill.

In the case of some mediums,
withdrawal occurs unconsciously and involuntarily. In that state, the body is
more or less cataleptic at some times. The Adept would not notice the absence
of the Astral form because his physical senses are alert. The individual
appears only as though in a fit of abstraction.

The wandering Astral form has no
inhibition of Space and Time. The thaumaturgist who is thoroughly skilled in
Occult Science can cause himself to seem to disappear, or to apparently take on
any shape he may choose. He may make his Astral form visible, or he may give it
protean appearances. In both the cases these results will be achieved by a
mesmeric hallucination of the senses of all the witnesses, simultaneously
brought on. This hallucination is so perfect that the subject of it would stake
his life that he saw a Reality, while what he saw is only a picture in his own
mind, impressed upon his consciousness by the irresistible Will of the

The astral form can go anywhere,
penetrate any obstacle, and be seen at any distance from the physical body. The
physical body needs ordinary methods of transportation for such transactions.
It may be levitated under prescribed magnetic conditions âbut not pass from one
locality to anotherâ except in the usual way. Inert matter may be, in certain
conditions, disintegrated, passed through walls, and recombined, living animal
organisms cannot.

The corner-stone of MAGIC is an intimate
practical knowledge of magnetism and electricity, their qualities,
correlations, and potencies. 

Summing up all the above, again, Madame Blavatsky further

 Magic is
Spiritual Wisdom.

 Nature is
its material ally (base), pupil and servant of the magician.

One common Vital Principle pervades
all things; and that is controllable

An adept can control the sensations
and alter the conditions of the physical and astral bodies of other persons not
Adepts. He can also govern and employ, as he chooses, the spirits of elements.

He cannot control the Immortal Spirit
of any Human-being, living or dead; because all such Spirits are alike Sparks
of the Divine Essence, and are not subject to any foreign domination.

There being but ONE TRUTH, man
requires but One Temple of God within, walled in by matter but penetrated by
anyone who can find the way.

The Trinity of Nature is the Lock of

The Trinity of Man is the KEY that
fits it.

Within the solitary precincts of the sanctuary the
SUPREME had and has no name. It is Unthinkable and Unpronounceable; and yet
every man finds in himself his god. 

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