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Re: theos-talk Jesus was born years earlier than thought, claims Pope

Nov 22, 2012 07:44 AM
by Augoeides-222


 In reading the article of the the Popes view I also agree with the Pope that Jesus was not born at Nazareth. This is because atÂthe time that Jesus is alledged to have lived Nazareth as a town or c ity did not exist  so he could not have been born there. Nazareth had existed more than a century before but it was totally razed, depopulated and the ruling civilizatio n 
banned and permanently forbid anyone to live at that location, it is unoccupied for more than a century. 

 Why Jesus is referred to a born of Nazareth or the Nazarean could not have been attributed to have Âbeing born in Nazareth. My personal opinion is he was called the Nazarean because John the Baptist, the Elder of the Mandaeans was a half brother of Jesus, I believe that Jesus was Mandaean, a Baptizer himself and that a schiszm obtained between John and J esus. There is ev idence of this in the exegesis documents of the M andaeans Particularily in the Ancient M andaean Baptism Ritual dialogue itself preserved by the M andaeans. The chief El der of the Mandaeans was titled with theÂName Nazarean or Nazi. A similarity to the chief Hebrew of the Sanhedren also. There is a thread that leads back to the M andaeans who s till possess the B ook of Yaya (John) Â. If Jesus was indeed born in Nazareth it would have had to have been 200 years or more earlier when Nazareth still existed before it was destroys to the ground and made anathema to live there by the Empe ro r (of syria If I recall right ). 

 The peculair occurances of J esus having so many "Brothers" who all were instrumental in the creation of bedrock contents of the Christian origins of the Religion is a strong red flag that should grab the minds of enquirers and led them to discovery. 



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In a news item today, here is an interesting report: 

Jesus was born years earlier than thought, claims Pope 

The entire Christian calendar is based on a miscalculation, the Pope has 
declared, as he claims in a new book that Jesus was born several years 
earlier than commonly believed. 

More than a century ago, HPB and the Inner Founders of TS had mentioned in 
their writings that Jesus was born a century before that is commonly 
believed. I am glad to see Pope's statement on the date of Jesus. 

Read the full story at: 



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