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Re: November 17 - Theosophical Society Founders' Day

Nov 17, 2012 04:49 AM
by Will

Thanks, MKR. 

About those times of crisis - in fact not so different today? - this was written by one of HPB's closest disciples. 

Organisations, like men, may fall into ruts or grooves of mental and psychic action, which, once established, are difficult to obliterate. To prevent those ruts or grooves in the Theosophical movement, its guardians provided that necessary shocks should now and then interpose so as to conduce to solidarity, to give strength such as the oak obtains from buffetting the storm, and in order that all grooves of mind, act, or thought, might be filled up. 
~ ~ ~

Very good on "the reality setting in" about how to regard HPB, as the principal transmitter of the wisdom that we have and sometimes take for granted without remembering to be grateful...

Woe is set apart -- not by Masters but by Nature's laws -- for those who, having started in the path with the aid of H. P. B. shall in any way try to belittle her and her work, still, as yet not understood and by many misunderstood. This does not mean that a mere person is to be slavishly followed. But to explain her away, to belittle her, to imagine vain explanations with which to do away with what is not liked in that which she said, is to violate the ideal, is to spit back in the face of the teacher through whom the knowledge and the opportunity came, to befoul the river which brought you sweet waters.

That work it would be well for the members of the Theosophical movement to continue without deviating, without excitement, without running to extremes, without imagining that Truth is a matter of either longitude or latitude: the truth of the soul's life is in no special quarter of the compass, it is everywhere round the whole circle, and those who look in one quarter will not find it.

W.Q.Judge, Letters That Have Helped Me, Vol. 2 Letter 3

--- In, ".:." <mkr777@...> wrote:
> November 17th is celebrated around the world as the Foundersâ?? Day. On this
> day in 1875, Col Olcott delivered the inaugural address of the Theosophical
> Society. Let us go back to time when TS was founded.
> A key event was the visit of the one of the Inner Founders to Olcott in New
> York and Olcott was told that there was a crisis and his help was needed.
> Times were different and travel and living conditions were hard. Olcott had
> no idea of India and the conditions there at that time. In spite of this,
> he made a leap of faith and moved to India and work for the spread of
> theosophy and TS. Of course his co-worker in this endeavor was H P
> Blavatsky and her contribution to the introduction of the ancient wisdom to
> the West need no explanation.
> Today, world over if people were exposed to the tenets of theosophy which
> in turn has helped them to contribute to make the world a better place, all
> the credit goes to the hard work of HSO and HPB. There is a long list of
> arm chair critics but when we compare the contribution and sacrifices of
> the Founders, the reality sets in.
> Theosophists correctly celebrate this day to remember the Founders and also
> many many workers around the world who have toiled to spread theosophy. Let
> us show our gratitude to all of them for bringing theosophy to us and make
> our lives better and thus help better the people we deal with every day.
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