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The Great Problems & Questions of Life

Nov 16, 2012 09:45 AM
by Daniel

Let us never forget those great problems 
and serious questions about life, about our place in
this vast drama of the universe that seems to be 
unfolding around us.  

It is as though we have awakened not knowing
where we have come from and not really
knowing why we are here and then if we look
around we see we are in the middle of some drama,
some act of some play, but we don't exactly know 
what act of the play we are in, we don't know what 
the plot, the storyline is, and we don't know what role
we are playing nor do we know the script....we have no
idea how the story ends and yet we are on the stage and
must do something.....Sometimes we seem to be 
at the mercy of greater forces and powers over which
we have no say or control and we sometimes feel we are
mere victims in some great cosmic meat grinder....

These questions can be illustrated in the following 3 graphics:

Humans today and throughout recorded history
have tried to grapple with these issues and questions.


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