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Importance of Millennials to future of theosophy

Nov 14, 2012 07:33 PM
by .:.

While Theosophy presents ancient wisdom, in a fast changing world, the
importance of millennial was brought to the attention of the world in the
recent American Election. It was the young millennial generation which was
responsible for the current election results.

In the minds of some of the traditional thinking theosophists, there seems
to be a belief that there is a correlation between age and wisdom. Many
look to the aged septuagenarian and octogenarian theosophical leaders for
ideas for presenting theosophy today as if the wisest ideas are in their

History tells us that major spiritual movements were due to younger and
middle aged leaders. Jesus and Shri Shankaracharya (many believe to the
greatest occultist the world has seen) were young when they presented their
messages. Even the leaders, such as HPB and HSO and others,  who launched
theosophy in the modern world and built TS were middle aged men and women.
When has a septuagenarian or octogenarian leader has done a monumental work
in spiritual field. On the other hand we can trace problems created by such
old people.

Is it not time to put all our heads and resources together and brainstorm
and see what steps can be taken to address the coming millennial generation
so that they can benefit from the priceless tenets of ancient wisdom that
theosophy brought forth to the modern world. Once theosophy affects the
young generation, we can see positive changes to the betterment of Humanity.


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