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Another episode of intolerance on

Nov 10, 2012 03:54 AM
by paulobaptista_v

I'm sure I'm not the first one to complain, but once again has proved that freedom of thought and speech is not something that its administrators appreciate.

One user accused them of not being fond of Blavatsky,

a remark which they didn´t like and in reply wrote:

"First of all, there is a very blatant misstatement at the beginning.  Nobody on the board or on the moderating team have anything against HPB.  In fact most of us have been students of hers for a very long time.
Read this carefully and understand it well. IT IS HER FOLLOWERS.
It is the followers who have bankrupt imaginations which are obsessed with the Secret Doctrine and other of Blavatsky's books, as if they are the only source of enlightenment. It is the inability to move out of the 19th Century and apply the wisdom not only to today's world, but tomorrow's too. It is the insistence on a complete and total belief in her unseen masters which poisons all creativity and productive effort in the present."

I found this to be completely off the mark and replied:

"To blame HPB "followers" is absolutely ridiculous.
Who accused Blavatsky of "magical thinking" or "of being a mixed bag"? Certainly not her "followers"?
Who brought here half truths and innuendos about HPB? Certainly not her "followers"?
Who suggested that some of her claims, like the existence of Masters, were nonsense? Certainly not her "followers" 

etc, etc? (it's a bit long, but nothing of what I wrote can be considered impolite).

My reply was erased and my account was suspended. 

Joe Fulton sent me a message but since I was banned I can´t read it in full!

It starts like this:

"Mr. Baptista,

This is our site and we have a point of view.  This is not an open forum for any person to post anything as they see fit.  We have made our position extremely clear as to who we are an..."

I sure would like to finish that sentence?

So, having a point of view means not accepting other people's opinions.
Well, isn´t this the way that dictatorships work?
No wonder that almost everyone that studies modern Theosophy has already left
It's a pity watching old folks behaving like elementary school bullies.


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