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Lessons from Affairs

Nov 09, 2012 10:02 PM
by .:.

Yet again the abrupt departure of the top man in the CIA points to the
devastating consequence of an affair. There have been similar episodes in
the past when indiscretions have lead to quick downfall. This has happened
all over the world and even spiritual organizations such as theosophical
ones are not immune. In spiritual organizations it is hush hush and
silently the leaders depart and details are kept within the top inner
circle. These episodes happen mainly due to human weakness.

I am reminded of the mention of very strict rules imposed on chelas by
their Gurus in the East as can be noted from comments here and there in the
Mahatma Letters to A P Sinnett. It looks like these unbending rules evolved
over centuries based on situations where chelas were involved. If these
rules seem to be too rigid to some in the modern world, it is not the chela
who lays down the rules. It is the Guru. Chela has no choice.

May be we can all learn lessons from observing history and the lessons may
prevent us from complicating our lives.


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