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Re: theos-talk Col. Henry S. Olcott & Master Morya

Nov 04, 2012 06:35 AM
by .:.

I am glad to see the posting of the link.

It should be recalled that Olcott was a very successful lawyer and newsman
when he met HPB and thru her he was brought into contact with the Brothers.
He decided to uproot himself and move to India to work for theosophy and
TS. The travel and living conditions in India were very hard at that time
and his moving was a leap of faith based on dedication to his mission.

The accounts in the link clearly explain what motivated him. In the recent
years we have heard through grapevine, that many âtheosophistsâ did not
want move to Adyar, even for a couple of years,  to work for TS mainly due
to living conditions. Today living and travel in India is 1,000 times
better than what it was in 1879. I wish all of them read Olcottâs
reasoning. It is his determination to put up with personal inconveniences
for the sake of greater good that he was able to do a lot of good to
theosophy and TS and the common man and woman in that part of the world.


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