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Re: theos-talk The mysterious Nabatean Agriculture

Oct 23, 2012 07:52 PM
by Augoeides-222


ÂÂÂÂ Thx, interesting article about the Nabateans. Lady E. S. Drower spent decades to gain the trust of the ancient Mandaeans who possess the Secret Book of Adam, and a Book of Yaya (John).The Mandaeans were not Nabateans or Sabeans but they id have literature that spoke of others spiritual "races" and such and a lineage of descent that can be quite interesting. 


ÂÂ Also Petra is a very unique location and has a well known history of being a safe harbour for traders for a very long time. There is a movie titled "Passion in the Desert" about a lost French Forei gn Legionia re who bcomes detached from his unit with a historicl artist. He seeks shelter from bedoins by stumbling into the secret entrance to Petra and there makes acquaintance with a female Jaquar and they form a symbiotic survival relationship. The movie is shot on location at Petra. 

Here are the Google Earth co-ordinates for Petra's main gate: 

30 19 25.36 N 

35 28 03.37 E 



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has been translated (partly) - Interesting article: 

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