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Newsweek Going All Digital - Theosophical Publishers need to understand why?

Oct 20, 2012 07:02 AM
by .:.

Newsweek Going All Digital

Newsweek, the well known magazine is going all digital in 2013 and stops
printing and selling hard copies. Why are they doing it? Simply they are
moving with the times and will go bankrupt trying to market hard copies.
With Internet, the writing is on the wall. Many publications have
disappeared and many do not buy any hard copy newspapers and magazines.
Brick and Mortar outfits have shut down. Amazon has transformed book
distribution to the dismay of top publishers who are still wedded to
traditional publishing model.

Where do theosophical publishers and its decision makers stand? They seem
to be still in Quill Age. While Ancient Wisdom is Ancient, modern modes of
communication and distribution of Ancient Wisdom is a great need. The
current young generation is integrated more in the digitial medium than
hard copy.

In the early days of modern theosophical movement, it was and its leaders
were in the forefront of ideas and used then currently available
technology. But current theosophical organizations, while having a lot of
money at their disposal, are too far behind the curve and seem to be wedded
to the Quill Age technology. When have you seen a new theosophical
publication available as a pdf file? When are the periodicals distributed
as pdf files? When have you seen theosophical writers and leaders put out
their email addresses so students and others can communicate with them?

Any intelligent student is baffled by the disconnect. May be they are all
praying for signals from beyond the Himalayas for guidance or command to
jump into digital world. You decide.


There is no Religion Higher Than Truth

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