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The Secret Doctrine - and later edition changes...

Oct 11, 2012 11:52 AM
by M. Sufilight

Dear friends

A question or two from a translator...

A number of you are aware of that the Original First and Second Editions of the Secret Doctrine by Blavatsky published year 1888 later was changed in its content in subsequent editions. 
But has the original edition been changed in present day modern editions of the original? 

(I have a more modern Pasadena version of the Secret Doctrine claming to be a copy of the original, which are differnt in content at various places.)

 Here are a few of the changes I have detected...

Is the Hebrew letter  "Kaf Sofit" or  "Kaf" ( presented on this page 325 - Volume I - after the title or headline line: "PRIMORDIAL SUBSTANCE AND DIVINE THOUGHT." or is it merely a later addition?

The secret Doctrine - Volume I, p. 325 - the Original Second Edition year 1888

Kaf Sofit meaning "like/as" or "hand" or the number 20. Also 20 in the Arab language. And the number 2 is also an Arch or the Egypt sun-boat, the mythological boat.

The letters and numbers given in the below of some of the pages in the Secret Doctrine in the above original PDF scanned copy - are apperently missing in later more modern versions claiming to exact copies of the original.
Try Volume I page 305, where the number 20 is given below the last line on the page in the above PDF.
Or Volume I page 97, where the number 7 is given below the last line on the page. It seems that these number and also various letters were given on each 16th page in both volumes - (or rather almost, because there are a few deviations from this as well, including the letter J which is missing in volume II. See page 113 with the letter "I" and page 129 with the letter "K", in Volume II in the above PDF)

Since the book the Secret Doctrine openly was and in its content is given as a non-dead-letter book - and apperently using at least 3-4 keys out of 7 in the Mystery Language -  (See Volume II, p. 797 in The Secret Doctrine in the abvoe PDF) -  I find the question to be of some importance.

Anyone on this?

M. Sufilight

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