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Jack Brown testifies to seeing a copy of THE SECRET DOCTRINE on Einstein's desk

Oct 08, 2012 02:04 AM
by Daniel

In the "Ojai Valley News," Sept. 28, 1983, pp.
A-1 and C-7, Jack Brown wrote an article in
which he testifies to seeing a copy of THE SECRET
DOCTRINE on Einstein's desk. This was in 1935.
Einstein and Brown then discussed the SD and Einstein
turned to a passage in the SD and read it.

"...infinite divisibility of atoms resolves
matter into simple centers of force...."
etc. etc.


In 2010, in Theosophy.Net, Joe Fulton said the following about the above account:

"We have found no evidence for the existence of a Jack Brown from any source."

As of one hour ago, I believe I have found the existence of the right Jack Brown.

See the Social Security Death Index for this info:

Name:	Jack Brown
State of Issue:	New Jersey
Date of Birth:	Sunday  September  12, 1909
Date of Death:	Saturday  July  08, 1989
Est. Age at Death:	79 years, 9 months, 26 days
Last known residence:
City: 	Ojai; Meiners Oaks
County: 	Ventura
State: 	California
ZIP Code: 	93023

He was living at 110 don carlos way  in Ojai when he died.

He may  be the same Jack Brown who wrote items  and articles in THE 
THEOSOPHICAL JOURNAL (London) in 1967 and 1968.

All of this needs to be confirmed and further researched.



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