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Einstein's God Letter and SD Hoax

Oct 06, 2012 09:36 PM
by .:.

A very interesting letter, known as âGod letterâ  written by Albert
Einstein to a German author gives some indication of the his personal views
regarding God and Religions. What is significant is that it was written by
him towards the end of his life. The letter has come up for auction and a
brief summary of the contents is can be found at:


There was a story making rounds among theosophists that Einstein had a copy
of Secret Doctrine on his desk and that it was later donated to âaâ
Theosophical Library. Intense world wide search by many theosophists could
not find a shred of evidence to support this story. Many concluded that
this was a very clever hoax perpetrated by someone in Ojai theosophical
circle for purposes known to him or her only. While few suspects in the
theosophical circles are still there, we are still looking for facts to
unearth the originator.

Putting the story along with the God letter, one can come to a conclusion
that even if he had a copy of SD, perhaps he never opened and read it. May
be it was used as a cheap door stop.


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