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Living conditions in Adyar in 30s

Sep 30, 2012 04:09 PM
by .:.

Apparently, living in Adyar has its own difficulties for visitors from the
West. Here is a quote from the recent book - Krotona 6 by Joseph Ross.

âBetty Warrington seems to be the "Lady Bountiful" at Adyar. She has
organized her home as a real American kitchen, an unheard ofthing at Adyar.
It can not have been an easy job to train a couple ofIndian cooks to
American kitchen methods for there can hardly be two things more unlike,
and sends around to those new arrivals who are a bit under the weather most
of the time baskets of lifesaving sustenance. It is not only that Indian
foods are different but the climate evidently has much to do with being ill
most ofthe time. Betty keeps an alert eye on the Adyar sick list.â

[Betty Warrington is the wife of A P Warrington. He is from the USA and in
1930s lived at Adyar and was the International Vice President.]

Even today, we hear of complaints from would be volunteers about the living
conditions in Adyar as compared to what they are in the West. Can you
imagine the living and conditions in India when HPB and Olcott moved to
India more than a century ago? In addition, in the early days many from the
West worked and traveled in India and Adyar as theosophical volunteers. All
these pioneers, were fired with the enthusiasm about what Theosophy can do
to the world, that none of them ever complained. We should also appreciate
the very high confidence in the judgement of their Teachers led Olcott and
HPB to move to India from the USA. When you look at the sacrifices they
made for theosophy and TS, it makes one feel very humble on one hand and
feel highly grateful on the other from bringing theosophy to us.


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