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How some actions seems to have harmed TS

Sep 28, 2012 09:31 AM
by .:.

When Krishnaji was critical of the activities of organizations and it looks
like he was well aware of some of the things going on in TS and other

Much damage has been caused to TS by the misguided enthusiasm and belief on
the part of some leaders. It has also affected the vitality of the TS. In
one of the sections, I just found out a piece of a information which is
very interesting. (This happened several years ago and do not know if this
is still standard practice in the section.)

âConcerning spiritual practice in the community, the staff conducts group
meditation most workday mornings.XXX. had sent out a memo to inform the
staff that morning meditation was not just an a-vocational community event.
It is âpart of our daily work.â


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