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Logos-- 2 ;Prana and Kundalini

Sep 28, 2012 01:00 AM
by Ramanujachary nallanchakravarti

of our Solar system.â PRANA â KUNDALINI

All Power is Divine,
coming from one of the Logoi. 

Our Solar System is
headed by a Solar Logos. When he comes into existence, he defines his limits in
Space, and pours out life in 3 outpourings, thus energizing his Matter for
further work. He makes his âRing-Pass-Notâ.
This term appears first in the 5th stanza of the Dzyan.
Ring-Pass-Not means a particular area or a certain volume of Space â enclosed,
guarded and isolated. The Ring-Pass-Not gets broken when the contents of the
System have reached a certain grade of ripening or maturity. This can be
likened to the Hridaya Grandhi Vicchedan (breaking out the knots of the heart), so far
as the human progression is concerned.

By the event He made
his Ring-Pass-Not, he has a Plan in his mind. This is only at level of âthoughtâ.
He slowly imprints his plan of action on all the matter in his system. Thus the
matter is empowered for its ripening.

T Subba Row gave some
information on the Logos:

are certainly some Logoi higher than the Deity of our Solar System. Our Sun is
a Sun of the Fourth order. It is a manifestation of a Logos of the 4th
Order of Logoi, dependent upon a Logos of the 3rd Order. Our
physical plane Sun is also dependent upon the physical Sun which is the
manifestation of the Logos of that third Order, possibly revolving round it.
Then the Logos of the 3rd Order must be in the same way dependent
upon the Logos of the 2nd Order, and he in turn upon that of 1st
Order. Those of the 1st Order stand close, were court of, the Logos
of the whole physical Universe. That
would come close to a Supreme Deity. These different stages between that
Supreme Deity and the Deity of the Solar System can also be suggested.

Each of these Logoi in
this descending scale imposes His will but not His nature perhaps, and that is
what is meant when saying, that our Solar Logos finds certain general rules of
nature, certain laws in existence, under which He works. The strong possibility
is that that is something imposed upon the whole universe, therefore perhaps by
the Logos of that Universe.

Fohat digs holes in
space, is what Madame Blavatsky says in her The
Secret Doctrine. These holes are the bubbles in the universal
aether of space (the name suggested in Occult Chemistry book is Koilon.) There is an aether of space which
must exist through the whole visible universe.

When our Logos of the
solar system makes 

his ring and begins his
system, he finds those bubbles already blown, already there, and it is out of
those bubbles that he builds his matter.

There are certain
conditions and certain laws which bind even the Logos of a system. He finds a status quo within which he has to work,
and he proceeds to do his work. He also finds certain forces available for his
use, forces following presumably from other Logoi higher than he. He has many subordinates and there are many lines
through which force may flow, but we cannot say, when we find forces in
operation here, whether they originate from
him or come through him from some higher source.

A great many of the forces we find here are all variants of
One Force. These forces can be transformed into other forces (eg. Electricity,
heat, light etc.)We find entirely apart from that group of forces, another
force which we call Life. That also comes down from the Logos unquestionably,
but we cannot turn it into electricity, heat or light. When we say life here,
we should not confuse it as vitality. The vitality which pours forth from the
sun is again another thing. It is necessary for the support of life, but itself
is not life. That vitality, which is another force, which is not the same as
either heat-electricity-light, and yet is different from life, is necessarily
apparent to maintain âlife in a formâ. Prana is the Indian name for this
vitality. It is not the same as the life in you, the soul! In you we call that the divine Life. The
others are equally divine, but they are force at any rate, but we do not know
how their origin is different. What we call Life comes from the topmost of all,
and that these other forces come into existence at a lower level. All this is
speculation indeed!

There is also down here on the physical plane another force
which is not the same as Life; not the same as vitality; and that is what goes
by the Indian term Kundalini. 

There is only the one manifestation of that in every one of
us. To awaken that is one method of occult training. It cannot be changed into another type of
force. It just exists. 

It is capable of breaking out, and instead of a small glowing
fire it may become a great conflagration and may produce many startling
results. So far as the relation to Prana goes,
we know them as two distinct forces, but you must not take that to imply that
they have no connection at a higher level.

All our metaphysical speculations about the action of the
Logoi do not make any difference to us down here. It might enable us to make our scheme more
intellectually perfect, but we can live our lives and do our work and make our
progress putting all that aside until later on. It is not a bad thing to
speculate on the unattainable, we do increase our power. âVeil after veil will
lift, but there must be veil upon veil behindâ, as Buddha said. Never mind, we
can lift them only one by one, and it is quite well that sometimes we should
try to do so, but not to the neglect of the practical work down here.       *****


Literature is for Portrayal of Philosophic Ideas.

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