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Re: theos-talk Fwd: Re: First Look - Joseph Ross' book Krotona Vol 6

Sep 27, 2012 04:26 PM
by .:.

On Thu, Sep 27, 2012 at 6:11 PM, .:. <> wrote:

> **
>   My personal apologies to Mark Lee and thanks for pointing my error
> quickly.. Let me quote the relevant paragraph.

"It is undeniable that the Theosophical Society saved Krishnamurti's life,
prepared and nurtured his religious mind, and conditioned him as a modern
man for a mission to serve humanity. What is deniable, and is the subject
of this book, is that Krishnamurti destroyed the Society; that Krishnamurti
was the World Teacher as the Society defined the role; and that
Krishnamurti was a "biological freak."

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> From: "mark.lee120" <>
> Date: Sep 27, 2012 6:04 PM
> Subject: Re: First Look - Joseph Ross' book Krotona Vol 6
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> Dear MKR,
> With due respect may I suggest you reread my Foreword in the Ross book. In
> fact I said it is deniable that JK destroyed the TS. This is the very
> subject of the book as a whole. The TS continues as an organization but
> with all the warnings to intelligent listeners from their own product JK
> that the beliefs, dogmas, rituals, and spiritual practices coming out of
> any organization are unintelligent and need to be challenged and then
> denied as ways to the Truth.
> M.L.
> --- In, ".:." <mkr777@...> wrote:
> >
> > First Look at the book
> >
> > The book has a lot of material dealing with the exchange of letters
> between
> > the TS leadership as well as the activities that went on in context of
> > Esoteric Section. There are some materials of practical interest to a
> > theosophical student. Having said that, the book will be of interest to a
> > very small segment of theosophists.
> >
> > In the forward to the book by R Mark Lee, Trustee of Krishnamurti
> > Foundation, states that KrishnamurtiÃââs departure from TS destroyed the
> > Society. His conclusion will be challenged by many who have followed both
> > TS and KrishnamurtiÃââs work. When one looks at the Charter of TS as
> > explained by the Maha Chohan in 1880, one cannot but conclude the
> > Krishnamurti saved the TS from becoming a sect with fixed dogmas and
> blind
> > beliefs. TS is alive and well today and the vibrancy can be seen first
> hand
> > by visiting lodges especially in India.
> >
> > The book is printed on-demand thus eliminates a lot of production and
> > storage costs. I wish the book is priced lower. Due to the very minuscule
> > market there is for the book, the demand is likely to disappear within a
> > year and we may expect to see a pdf version available for a small
> donation
> > which can put food on the table for the author.
> >
> > Most publishers would ship review copies to authors and publications in
> > advance of the publication so that when the book hits the market, reviews
> > will be available. It appears this has not been done in this case. The
> only
> > short comment we have seen is from Robert Boyd, Theosophical Scholar. He
> is
> > unknown to most of us who have been around theosophical circles for
> decades.
> >
> > Following KrishnajiÃââs ÃâËTruth is a Pathless LandÃââ statement, he had
> nothing
> > to do with any organization including TS. While much activity went on
> > behind the scenes in TS to reconcile KrishnajiÃââs stand with that of
> > traditional one that developed within the TS, all this is water under the
> > bridge and will have no effect on the long term goals of TS as laid down
> in
> > the famous Maha Chohan letter of 1880.
> >
> > MKR
> >
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