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Looking back at 2008 International Election

Sep 27, 2012 06:49 AM
by .:.

Looking back at 2008 International President Election and subsequent
ultra-secret attempt to disenfranchise all members, one can see that it was
one of the most serious crises that TS faced in its recent history. Also,
one cannot but conclude that itâs good Karma and coupled with the blessings
and continued protection from the Inner Founders helped it to overcome
every crisis and move forward because its objective was to help Humanity.

In the election, unsubstantiated allegations were made that the sitting
president was unfit to be re-elected on account of her physical and mental
health. This inaccurate allegation was challenged by reports from three
independent physicians from two continents. True facts were presented to
the members so that they can decide for themselves.

Lo and behold, today she is still tending to the duties - working daily and
traveling within India and outside. The democratic decision of the members
world-over in electing her was the best decision taken by the members. This
is obvious from the fact that for several months we have not seen her
opponent traveling or lecturing even within the USA. You can draw your own


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