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Traveling with Jiddu Krishnamurti

Sep 27, 2012 06:34 AM
by .:.

There are several accounts of unusual and unexplainable incidents when
people met with and interacted with Krishnaji. Here is one that I found in
the recently published book Krotona 6 by Joseph Ross.


Byron Casselberry, Rajagopal's secretary who traveled with Krishnaji and
Rajagopal on tour in Mexico in 1935 wrote to his wife:

I have found out that traveling with Krishnaji is no job for anyone who is
looking for a peaceful life. Not that the traveling and the work in
themselves amount to so much. All that is quite ordinary, as such things
go. It is the inward shaking up that I mean. One must stay awake, and
wide-awake, or something not very pleasant is likely to happen. There are
moments of ecstasy, and of black despair. Everything inwardly in
intensified. All one's moods are more potent to make one see this anew. One
has to be careful to keep one's thoughts alert and away from silly notions
of hurt feelings, pride, loneliness, sex, and innumerable things. I don't
mean "away" in the sense of control, but in the sense of knowing what you
are feeling and thinking in the moment of feeling and thinking it.
Otherwise the blind feeling whips up into a storm in no time that can
seriously affect one's physical health. The storms come even when you are
awake; but then one rides on the crest of it instead of being almost
shattered under the full weight and fury of a conflict in which there is no
perception to give one pause. Conflicts with awakened interest are
marvelously clarifying, like a thunderstorm on a hot, breathless day; but
conflict that overtakes the mind when it is lost and insensible, is deadly.


MKR Comments:

Rajagopal has traveled a lot with K. It is a puzzle how later he turned
against K and the long drawn out expensive litigation that took place.
Byron also joined Rajagopal in the litigation against K.

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