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First Look - Joseph Ross' book Krotona Vol 6

Sep 26, 2012 01:53 PM
by .:.

First Look at the book

The book has a lot of material dealing with the exchange of letters between
the TS leadership as well as the activities that went on in context of
Esoteric Section. There are some materials of practical interest to a
theosophical student. Having said that, the book will be of interest to a
very small segment of theosophists.

In the forward to the book by R Mark Lee, Trustee of Krishnamurti
Foundation, states that Krishnamurtiâs departure from TS destroyed the
Society. His conclusion will be challenged by many who have followed both
TS and Krishnamurtiâs work. When one looks at the Charter of TS as
explained by the Maha Chohan in 1880, one cannot but conclude the
Krishnamurti saved the TS from becoming a sect with fixed dogmas and blind
beliefs. TS is alive and well today and the vibrancy can be seen first hand
by visiting lodges especially in India.

The book is printed on-demand thus eliminates a lot of production and
storage costs. I wish the book is priced lower. Due to the very minuscule
market there is for the book, the demand is likely to disappear within a
year and we may expect to see a pdf version available for a small donation
which can put food on the table for the author.

Most publishers would ship review copies to authors and publications in
advance of the publication so that when the book hits the market, reviews
will be available. It appears this has not been done in this case. The only
short comment we have seen is from Robert Boyd, Theosophical Scholar. He is
unknown to most of us who have been around theosophical circles for decades.

Following Krishnajiâs âTruth is a Pathless Landâ statement, he had nothing
to do with any organization including TS. While much activity went on
behind the scenes in TS to reconcile Krishnajiâs stand with that of
traditional one that developed within the TS, all this is water under the
bridge and will have no effect on the long term goals of TS as laid down in
the famous Maha Chohan letter of 1880.


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