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Solar System -3

Sep 24, 2012 08:22 PM
by Ramanujachary

Solar System -3
The manifestation of Logoic Consciousness is two-fold; as Life and form. Each of these 2 is again in triples.
              Self                                                                  Not-Self
Life      Consciousness                                             Matter       Form
These 2 are not isolated. A continuous sort of relationship exists among them. [Continual approach and withdrawal; identification and repudiation.]
Their Inter-play produces the `ever-changing universe'.
Thus, we have the triplicity:
1.	Self     2. Not-self     3. Relation between them.
The Logos thus imposes a triple nature of manifestation in His Solar System.
The 3 fundamental expressions of Consciousness (Divine Activity) are termed :
            	Will                        Wisdom                     Activity
             (Or)  Power                    Wisdom                       Love
The (Inner) Self, thinking of the Not-Self, identifying Himself with it, thereby sharing with it His being ? is Divine Activity; SAT.  Existence lent to the Non-existent, the Universal Mind.
The Self realizing Himself is Wisdom, CHIT, the principle of preservation.
The Self, withdrawing Himself from Not-Self, in His own pure nature, is Bliss, ANANDA, free from Form.
Each Logos of a Universe repeats this Universal Self-consciousness in His Activity. He is the Creative Mind, Kriya corresponding to Universal SAT.
In His wisdom, He is the preserving Ordering Reason, Jnana, corresponding to Universal CHIT.
In His Bliss, He is the Destroyer of Forms, the Will, Itchha, corresponding to Universal ANANDA.
In every Universe the three Logoi, the three Beings, who create, preserve and Destroy, are ever-present. This is the Trinity.
The 3 aspects conjoined with Matter, are the Kosmic Quaternary.
Correspondences in the Universal Matter with the aspects of Universal Self are as below:
Aspect of Bliss or Will with Matter is Inertia (Tamas)
Aspect of Activity with Matter is Rajas
Aspect of Wisdom with Matter is Sattva.
It is by the aid of Matter thus prepared, the aspects of Logoic Consciousness   manifests themselves in Being.

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