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Solar System 1

Sep 24, 2012 02:46 AM
by Ramanujachary

This is a reformatted version to suit facile reading;
Solar System-1
Beginnings of Life and its `processes' have a Cosmic Story. We must remember that the Life did not emanate on our Earth Globe. On our globe, we have the presence of three Elemental Kingdoms to start with, then the mineral (Khanija), vegetable(Sasya), animal (Pasu) and then the Human kingdom. The matter of the first two planes of our globe viz., Adi and Anupadaka does not belong to our globe, but was brought in by the Logos from the Cosmos and its planes. The matter of the other five planes of our globe is the modified or differentiated form of this cosmic matter further added on with the Light of the Logos. The Life waves and Outpourings of Life have their own records of entry.

The activity of formation of the planes and peopling them with `forms' is generally indicated by the term `In-volution'. Once these are solidified at their level, the moving up or `E-volution' begins. So, we can see that the process is not one-sided but two-forked or reciprocal. Evolution in fact is the `re-volution' of the matter and forms into the original `pristine and pure nature'.

The different species of animals, vegetation were the outcome of innumerable elemental forces (Nature Spirits=Bhootas); and this work of creation, preservation and regeneration continues in process throughout the period of involution and evolution.

The various forms of matter that appeared on our globe are the consequences of this process. The two-winged character of this process is physical and psychic in general. The process of evolution delinked at one stage from the physical (material) process and begins exclusively at the psychic scale. We see this as a sort of `awareness' among the domestic and wild animals, as also the human beings. From the general state of being, a specialized state of being starts. This will lead from total disassociation with matter and material concerns and due alienation with mental, spiritual and eventually divine concerns. Disassociation need not mean delinking but being `out of influence and subjection.' In other words, the animal or man starts a new continent of thought and being progressing him towards the unexplored areas of the universe and his relationship with that.

The purpose, import and progression of evolution is not limited or restricted to this universe but goes far beyond unimaginable territories, hitherto considered unreal, too vague and abstract. The effects of the journey have far-reaching results and also create new causes. It is all a reciprocal, cyclic and reverberating process.

Our knowledge is confined to the Solar System to which we belong.

There are many such Systems, each headed by a Logos. The Absolute is the bosom for countless `Logoi'.

We must know what the term `solar system' means to us.

We, as human beings, have a sort of consciousness, which means `knowing what we know'. We would like to have this power of consciousness expanded, so that we come to know more and more things. We want to be awakened to new facts of nature, within and around us. Awakening is a process in the course of `unfolding the Consciousness' in the beings, which needs a longer period of time and effort. Besides, there has to be a field for its operation. Such field of evolution for the beings is the `Solar System'.

The Life descends into the System to begin with. This is known as Involution.

The Solar System, as a field, receives the Life in Thee Waves and Out-pours.

First the field is prepared; the division of planes is marked. Then the matter is filled therein. The particles of matter are further energized to make the forms.

The process of Involution gets finished with this. Then starts the process of Evolution.

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