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Study of Theosophy

Sep 19, 2012 08:59 AM
by Ramanujachary


We are aware that we have `senses' and that we look at the world through these senses. In fact we have two sets of senses. They are the Natural Senses: Those given by Nature (also called Physical Senses) and the Spiritual Senses: Those given by `Divinity' (also called Divine Senses). These can also be subdivided into many minute senses.
Besides the senses, the body and the mind, there is some fundamental base that determines the tone of our `human life.' This is also called the `Self' and/or Spiritual  Ego.                                    
Common Sense, which is proclaimed as the needed quality or attitude for Spirituality, is the summation of Natural and Spiritual Senses. We often use the term `Awakening' to signify the Spiritual Wisdom springing up into our being and functioning.
Awakening is "Giving power to Matter" or "Empowering the Matter to acquire the higher states of consciousness".
More and more a person reads, one will only understand what he does not understand. He will understand that he knows nothing of `what he is to know'. What is to be known is always vast and expansive. It would be necessary to consider the attitude that one has to cultivate while studying these subjects of spiritual import.
It is worthwhile to have an `open mind' to understand the principles enunciated by theosophical understanding. One should start with `a clean slate', leaving out or setting aside all previous knowledge and prior conceptions ? the result of earlier study; compare and contrast of what is earlier known.
This should not be taking as `brain washing' in anyway. Each system of study has its own terminology. Compare and contrast brings in new confusion. It must not be forgotten that all systems are identical and are ultimately `fused', in Theosophy.

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