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Atheist who Became a Theosophist

Sep 07, 2012 05:53 AM
by .:.

There have been a few posts here on R Jagannathaiah, an atheist, who after
debating HPB for three days was convinced of the soundness of theosophical
doctrines and became a theosophist and was a life long worker for theosophy
in India. Dr. R J Kalpana, his grand daughter, has published three books on
him. Here is the link.


While the books are available in India, I am looking forward to their
availability in the USA and elsewhere as well as being available in an
electronic file.

I am also looking for reviews of the books and will post links when they
become available.

By the way, the books were recently released by Radha Burnier,
International President of Theosophical Society.


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