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To Paulo Re: Questions to Daniel

Sep 04, 2012 11:43 AM
by Daniel

Hi Paulo,

Sorry for the delay  in answering your questions below.

I have been away and upon return found myself under a deluge of
unanswered inquiries and unfinished work.

No, Mrs Holloway did NOT publish her book and it would appear that
her manuscript for this book was finally destroyed.  

I still hope to find somewhere a copy of her manuscript but I do
have excerpts, extracts and notes from portions of her manuscript
and one of my many future projects is to try to reconstruct at least
part of her text.

As far as my book "Mrs. Holloway and the Mahatmas", no it is not available at
Amazon because it would have to sale for at least $60.00 per copy whereas right now it can be bought at the website below for about $40.00 per book and mailed
to anywhere in the world.

A correpondent in Moscow ordered the book and received it in a timely

Order the book at:


--- In, "paulobaptista_v" <paulobaptista_v@...> wrote:
> Dear Daniel,
> Recently I read Alice Leighton Cleather's "HP Blavatsky as I Knew Her". 
> More than once she mentions that Laura Holloway-Langford is going to refute some accusations made by A.P. Sinnett on a book that was published after he passed away  (The early days of Theosophy in Europe).
> Did she really release a book correcting Sinnett's version?
> And another thing...
> Is "The Mahatmas and Mrs. Holloway" also going to be sold through Amazon?
> PB

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