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Views (on the TS) of Chohan

Sep 01, 2012 07:59 AM
by Ramanujachary

Views of the Chohan on the Theosophical Society
This is popularly known as Mahachohan's Letter and appears in Vol. 1 of the Text `Letters from the Masters of The Wisdom', also the Chronological edition (p.477-480). Long historical introduction was provided by Mr C Jinarajadasa. Generally understood as a vindication to the work of Col. Olcott for his work at Ceylon for Buddhism, the letter has certain pertinent points that are relevant any day.
A gist of the points made out runs as below:
1.	`The Doctrine we promulgate' is `the only true one'. `It will become ultimately triumphant as every other truth. It is absolutely necessary to inculcate it gradually.'
2.	`We have to popularize a knowledge of theosophy. So that `our doctrines practically react on the so-called moral code (ideas of truthfulness, purity, self-denial, charity etc.).
3.	`The intellectual portion of mankind' is drifting into two classes:
a)	States of non-consciousness, utter deformation of the intellectual principle.
b)	Indulgence in its animal propensities.
4.	`The TS was chosen as the corner-stone, the foundation of the future religions of humanity.?Once unfettered and delivered from their dead weight of dogmatic interpretations, personal names, anthropomorphic conceptions and salaried priests, the fundamental doctrines of all religions will be proved identical in their esoteric meaning.'
5.	`All of us have to get rid of our own ego, the illusory apparent self, to recognize our true self in a transcendental divine life.'
6.	`Teach the people to see that life on the earth, even the happiest, is but a burden and an illusion, that it is but our own Karma, the cause producing the effect, that is our own judge, our savior in future lives; and  the great struggle for life will soon lose its intensity.'
7.	`Rather perish the TS with both its hapless founders, than that we should permit it (TS) to become no better than an academy of magic, a hall of occultism. We, the devoted followers of that Spirit Incarnate of absolute self-sacrifice --- should not allow the TS to represent the embodiment of selfishness, the refuge of the few with no thought in them for the many. We, humble disciples of perfect Lamas would not allow the TS to drop its noble title, that of Brotherhood of Humanity, to become a simple school of psychology.'
8.	To be true, religion and philosophy must offer the solution of every problem. To these there must be somewhere a consistent solution. If our doctrines prove their competence to offer it, then the world will be quick to confess that must be the true philosophy, the true religion, the true light, which gives truth and nothing but truth.
This is not exhaustive, obviously only illustrative, and one will do well in going through the full text, its commentaries and besides apply his/her own thought to the matter.
Dr N C Ramanujachary

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