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True Path of a Seeker

Aug 28, 2012 05:39 AM
by Ramanujachary

Theosophy is 'true occultism' and 'altruism.'
It needs 'great renunciation of self'.
This must be absolute and unconditional.
Renunciation must be result of  deeper understanding of Lifeand its processes. Disgust, disappointment,frustration or dipression should not be the undercurrent of this renunciation.
The preparedness and prerequisite for study and self-knowledge, as stated  by Madame Blavatsky:
1. Become aware of the ignorance and deception of the world.
2. Intuitive and 'certain' knowledge can be obtained by human effort.
3. Determination to obtain and face such knowledge.

Firm faith that all this achievable and within the ken of human understanding must clearly be established in us.

Seeker ought to be keen to enter the right path but not the one which is seemingly true.
[Extracted from a Pamphlet recently issued by the Indian Section Theosophical Society.]
                                               Dr N C Ramanujachary

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