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Re: theos-talk Impact of Isis Unveiled

Aug 22, 2012 12:03 PM
by MKR

When you look at how the TS was launched, how ISIS and SD were written and
how Adyar was selected as the HQ, it is very clear that the Adepts behind
the TS Movement, there was no micromanagement and left most of the worldly
decisions to the people involved even though there was active participation
in writing of ISIS and SD. One lesson that any theosophist can learn is
that we all who are convinced of helping the Humanity need to use our
creativity and ingenuity without waiting for step by step guidance while at
the same time we cannot rule out the possibility of timely help and ideas
given to us without ever our knowing about the source. There is some
misconception in the minds of some students that passive obedience is what
is needed for spiritual growth because it is easy to do so. Taking active
interest and moving forward is not easy.


On Wed, Aug 22, 2012 at 11:00 AM, Ramanujachary nallanchakravarti <> wrote:

> **
> Impact of âISIS UNVEILEDâThere is always a concealed conflict between
> âmaterialismâ and âspiritual
> aspirations of Mankindâ. It is more visible now, in these modern days, than
> perhaps in the times of Madame Blavatsky. It is possible the conflict will
> thicken in future times. The effort of intellectuals and aspirants to
> holistic
> living should be to combat this situation and to thin it to the extent
> possible. Ordinarily, average thinkers are not familiar with ideas that
> spring
> from occultism, even as they are subject to its inflow all the time. The
> effort
> made here is to popularize the basic concepts of Deity, Law and Man; and
> their
> connectivity with human life on the globe. The perennial Wisdom of
> Theosophy,
> its philosophy and applications made available for the examination of the
> commoner.
> The points, time and again, stressed by Madame Blavatsky are:
> 1. Man is inherently divine and is basically one with the
> Nature.
> 2. All religions and philosophies of the world reveal the
> natural existence of a Universal
> fraternity.
> 3. Modern thought is prone to many false notions, claims and
> pretensions, and one must be prepared to examine everything fearlessly and
> dispassionately to arrive at the truth of things.
> 4. The secular and spiritual aspirations of mankind are to be
> kept alive,
> without any distortion and deviation.
> 5. There is an unreserved direction and inspiration available
> from the Masters of the Wisdom and that can be drawn by all, subject to
> their
> own disciplining themselves.
> She made the following statement in one of her articles, written
> about 10 days prior to her casting away her physical vesture:
> I
> maintain that Isis Unveiled contains a mass of original and never hitherto
> divulged
> information on occult subjects. That this is so, is proved by the fact
> that the
> work has been fully appreciated by all those who have been intelligent
> enough
> to discern the kernel, and pay little attention to the shell, to give the
> preference to the idea and not to the form, regardless of its minor
> shortcomings. Prepared to take upon myself ---vicariously as I show ---
> the sins
> of all the external, purely literary defects of the work, I defend the
> ideas
> and teachings in it, with no fear of being charged with conceit, since
> neither
> ideas nor teaching is mine, as I have always declared; and I maintain that
> both
> are of the greatest value to mystics and students of Theosophy.
> Col.
> H S Olcott, her associate in the work, qualifies her remarkable power in
> the following
> triplet:
> 1.
> Her amazing occult knowledge and phenomena-working powers,
> together with her relation to the hidden Masters.
> 2. Her sparkling talents, especially as a
> conversationalist with her social accomplishments, wide travels, and
> extraordinary adventures.
> 3. Her insight into problems of philology,
> racial origin, fundamental bases of religions, and keys to old mysteries
> and
> symbols.
> âIsis
> unveiledâ as a serious text has a ârevolutionâ in it, and it continues to
> reverberate
> all time. Her further writings viz. The Secret Doctrine and the
> numerous
> articles ( compiled as her Collected Writings) throw much light and
> spring. Her
> presentation of the doctrines, theories and principles of Occult philosophy
> continues to receive the right attention of intellectuals who are keen to
> open
> up to the doors of their intuitions.
> It
> is certain that her presentations will form the mainstream of philosophy
> for humanity,
> however numerous and divergent be the branches and twigs that have
> emanated in
> Space and Time, i.e. geographically and historically.
> She
> asserts that magic, the spiritual wisdom, is a âTrue Scienceâ as also âa
> Profound
> Religion. The phenomena existed even before âthis modern era.â
> The
> scientists, theologians and spiritualists must realize this fact, rather
> than
> become themselves âpractical magicians.â The masses are to be educated on
> this
> fact too.
> âThe
> safest guide to human happiness and enlightenmentâ are provided by the
> writings
> that âhave descended to us from the remotest antiquity.â The people âwho
> take
> their precepts as the rule of their livesâ still exist in certain
> countries and
> they carry with them ânobler spiritual aspirations and a higher average
> morality.â
> The
> magical powers, which are no other than the spiritual powers, exist in
> every human.â
> âDiscipline and Self-conquestâ are the keys for those who desire to
> practice those,
> as well as desire to teach others. Spiritual Wisdom, the philosophy of
> âmagicâ,
> is the âmost difficult of all sciences to learn experimentally.â To become
> a
> practical magician, a Wise-Man, one has âto be physically, morally or
> psychologically fittedâ. To be a student of this science, âone must be
> ready to
> devote heart and soul to the study.â A theoretical knowledge of the
> formulae is
> not adequate, âthe mental capacities and soul powersâ are needed. âThe
> Spirit
> must hold in complete subjection the combativeness of what is loosely
> termed
> educated reason, until facts have vanquished cold human sophistry.â
> ###
> [Extracted from Dr N C Ramanujacharyâs book
> âIn the World of Magicâ]
> _
> Literature is for Portrayal of Philosophic Ideas.
> Dr N C Ramanujachary(Srivirinchi)
> Besant Gardens, The Theosophical Society, Adyar, Chennai 600 020
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