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Mahatma Letters - Scanning them

Aug 18, 2012 09:00 AM
by MKR

Recently, the color slides of Mahatma Letters to A P Sinnett provided by
British Museum has been made available on the Internet. Many theosophists
are unaware that British Museum can provide color slides of materials in
their possession and they should be congratulated. I am looking forward to
the time when they make scans available on Internet which is also the best
way to protect the originals.

I am sure there are many originals of letters from the Mahatmas are in the
archives of various theosophical organizations as well as possibly in
private collections. With todayâs color scanners, it is very easy and
inexpensive to scan them into digital images. Once done, they can be made
available on the Internet.

Publication of Mahatma Letters Series I and II by Adyar confirms that the
most of the originals are in their custody. We also do not know how many
unpublished letters are in their custody. They all can be scanned and made
available on Internet. In addition, this is the best way to preserve copies
of the originals for posterity.

In the past publications, there are redactations justified at that time
that they refer to people still living. All of them are now dead and no
harm will be done.

I hope people who have custody of any Mahatma Letters, consider their
scanning very seriously both for preservation as well as benefit


PS: Unredacted 1900 letter to Besant from Mahatma KH was not published
until 1984, which points out the great reluctance of sharing the letters
with theosophists. Even unreadacted portions do not contain any serious
material that needs redactation. You can judge for yourself.

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