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The URI --- and the book FALSE DAWN as PDF

Aug 17, 2012 11:15 PM
by M. Sufilight

Dear friends

My views are:

Contrast is not seldom helpful in discovering the reality about life - and - what kind of compassion there might be needed...

I just discovered that the following book is available online for free...
I had the thought that a One-World-Religion (here URI) might have not only its good sides - but certainly also its bad sides, which aught to be taken into account...Therefore I post this text.

I have to say, that I do not agree with a number of things in this book, the author is a Christian, but I find it to be somewhat right in criticizing the political - tendencies among various so-called Esoteric New Age organizations. Besides this I also find it interesting to discover that Theosophy is viewed as a Cult - either due to ignorance of the author - OR - perhaps more likely due to ignorance among present day Theosophical leaders or perhaps rather their lack of Compassion - about the need for a whole-hearted EMPAHSIS on a promulgation of the Absolutely Unsectarian aspect of the Theosophical Society as it originally was formulated (! ! !)
Because the Estabilishment (promulgated along Absolutely Unsectarian lines!) of a Universel Brotherhood of Humanity - ie., Altruism and Compassion was, and aught to be at the core of the Theosophical Society.

The URI founded in 1995 is in the below book claimed to be a direct result of the Parliament of The World Religions held in 1993. (See page 42)

Here is the book...

The United Religions Initiative, Globalism,
and the Quest for a One-World Religion
by Lee Penn
((( It should be noted that many New Age believers are unaware of the negative aspects of their mentors?
teachings. Many people never study these writings at all; others pay attention only to what they
agree with, ignoring their teachers? ?hard sayings.? ))) - page 7.

(((See also  Page 40 --- And try for instance page 285 or 279-285 or so with the Dalai Lama and the Lucis Trust...And there are more at other pages...)))

PAGE 131:
In 1997, URI staffer Paul Andrews said that "Theosophists are welcome as part of the conversation" in the URI..9 Indeed, they have been. Theosophists have been active in the URI since the movement was founded.
   The Lucis Trust World Service Fund, led by followers of Theosophist writer Alice Bailey, has given money to the URI.10 In December 2002, the president of the Lucis Trust said of this donation, "we were happy to ne able to make a contribution to URI's work."11 Likewise, the Rudolf Steiner Foudnation12 - which promotes Anthroposophy, a variant of Theosophy - has donated to the URI.13
   In addition, several prominent New Age writers whose ideas are strongly influenced by Theosophy - Robert Muller, Barbara Marx Hubbard, og Neale Donald Walsch - are enthusiastic supporters of the URI. Other Theosophists are following their lead, and actively support the URI. The URI website includes a link to "Spirit of Goodwill,"1 a Theosophical organization that promoted ALice A. Bailey's "Great Invocation" and said "you will be introduced to the ideals of the New World Religion which will unites people of all faiths."2
 Collaboration between Theosophists and the URI should raise an alram for all orthodox Christians. The Cultural and political ideas of the Theosophists active in the URI are akin to Communism, with a spiritual gloss. (This is discussed in detail in Part II of this book.) There is a real danger that Theosophists will use the respectability and the organizational platform provided by the URI to spread their seductive, andti-Christian ideology."

M. Sufilight says:
So this is were we are today.  The Theosophical Society coined as a cult and a sect - and - claimed to be the same as sects like the Lucis Trust and the Anthropological Society, etc., etc.

 In 1875 the Theosophical Society was founded. It was through the years altered somewhat in its organizational structure, and vitally in its Constitution and Rules. But it was quite importantly originally an Absolutely Non-Sectarian Society. See an example of this in the below. Later around the years 1910 the Theosophical Society allowed - a version or two if theosophical orthodoxy - to get the upper hand - and - seem to have been struggling with this deviation from the original lines ever since. Struggling with finding its place as being clearly outspoken outwardly about the fact that it originally was, and aught to be Absolutly Unsectarian ...and...and give this fact THE NEEDED EMPHASIS in the face of the many later Theosophical off-shoot groups and organizations, who worship the idea of turning everything related to the Theosophical Society into a fanatical sect and sectarian doctrine --- wihtout any open-hearted emphasizing eyes on the Absolutly Unsectarian core of the original Theosophical Society. Whole-hearted Compassion is never Sectarian and never seek esoteric orthodoxy or to promote an "Esoteric"-Bible-Collection of books.

))) *** (((
See the Constitution and Rules for The Theosophical Society as given in 1891 in the Theosophist. 
"The Theosophical Society is absolutely unsectarian"
"1. Any Fellow who shall in any way attempt to involve the Society In political disputes shall be immediately expelled.

2. No Fellow, Officer, or Council of the Theosophical Society, or of any Section or Branch thereof, shall promulgate or maintain any doctrinas being that advanced, or advocated by the Society. " (p. 33 or  65) 
))) *** (((

Any comments?
Interesting book is it not? 
It gives new insights into where Christians are with regard to New Age organizations of various kinds, and why. And the role given to The Theosophical Society in history these days.

M. Sufilight

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