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Theosophy and Modern Technology

Aug 15, 2012 09:05 PM
by MKR

Digital world is moving people away from paper. In photography, recent
studies show that less and less photos are printed. You take a picture
using your phone and email it or put it up in cloud for your friends and
anyone else to see and download. Success of e-readers such as Kindle tells
you that readers are moving away from printed books to reading them on a
screen. Just now, HP the leader in computer printers, has released figures
showing the shipment of printers are going down.

In the past, Theosophical Society and its leaders were trailblazers.
Internet and communication technology has revolutionized the societal tools
of communication. One victim is the traditional brick and mortar publishing
model. The whole world is moving to embrace modern technology in daily

Modern tools and technology has provided an invaluable tool that theosophy
can use to make world aware of the theosophical tenets and this in turn can
transform men and women who are ready for transformation. Modern technology
has instant world-wide reach when was not there with all the predecessor

While such a great tool being available for use, theosophical organizations
are at the trailing edge of using it. The aging leadership who have no clue
to Internet and its potential can be one of the reasons for tepid interest.
I hope the leaders are not waiting for orders from the Theosophical
Mahatmas from the other side of Himalayas. Let us hope they wake up and see
what they are missing.


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