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W. Crookes - Seven-fold Diagram of the Elements !!!

Jul 22, 2012 10:23 AM
by M. Sufilight

Dear friends

My views are:

H. P. Blavatsky wrote something quite interesting in her book The Secret Doctrine - on the Seven-fold nature of our universe and humans.

We all know that the elements in the Periodic Table of Physics and Chemistry ( - The eight column is a mere repetition of the first in many respects)  is showing a Seven-fold Diagram (read vertical taking the electrons into account - those with the same number of electron shells) - and  - that the scale of Sound is Seven-fold as well. (This of course leads to a Seven-fold - human Psychological Mind !!! in the human with its five senses + the mind + intuition (or Spirit). - Because when the ear hear sound in a Seven-fold manner based on seven-fold elements - the mind will react to it in a seven-fold manner. - This is analogical logical - and aught not to be overlooked by those seeking the truth about life - and how they themselves react to the written words by those they consider in opposition to themselves - or - as friends.)

Here are the words by H. P. Blavatsky from the Secret Doctrine --- on the well-known chemist W. Crookes:
"When, therefore, Professor Crookes declares that "If we can show how the so-called chemical elements might have been generated we shall be able to fill up a formidable gap in our knowledge of the universe, . . ." the answer is ready. The theoretical knowledge is contained in the esoteric meaning of every Hindu cosmogony in the PurÃnas; the practical demonstration thereofâis in the hands of those who will not be recognised in this century, save by the very few. The scientific possibilities of various discoveries, that must inexorably lead exact Science into the acceptation of Eastern Occult views, which contain all the requisite material for the filling of those "gaps," are, so far, at the mercy of modern materialism. It is only by working in the direction
taken by Professor Crookes that there is any hope for the recognition of a few, hitherto Occult, truths.

    Meanwhile, one thirsting to have a glimpse at a practical diagram of the evolution of primordial matter, which, separating and differentiating under the impulse of cyclic law, divides itself into a septenary gradation of SUBSTANCE (from a general view), can do no better than examine the plates attached to Mr. Crookes' lecture: "Genesis of the Elements," and ponder well over some passages of the text. In one place (p. 11) he says:".......and more follows...
(The Secret Doctrine, Vol. I., p. 624)

Now I have searched to find W. Crookes' lecture: "Genesis of the Elements," on the Internet, but came almost empty-handed.
The Diagram can be seen in the below link....

Handbook on the Physics and Chemistry of Rare Earths, Bind 41
 Af Karl A. Gschneidner,Jean-Claude BÃnzli,Vitalij K. PecharskyÂ
(See page 43 - Diagram 11 ! - and the text from page 42 or so.)

Very interesting - since Blavatsky wrote about this diagram more than one time on her book the Secret Doctrine.

This diagram by W. Crookes was later changed a bit and given additions(! !) in the Theosophical book by the known theosophist Jinarajadasa.

The First Principles of Theosophy
by Curuppumullage Jinarajadasa

Here is the DIAGRAM 

The above diagram is quite interesting.
I wonder though whether some of the elements mentioned have been discarded later on - or - some of them still are suspected and awaiting to be found ???

Anyone on this?


See also
William Crookes (1832-1919) and the Commercialization of Science
 Af William Hodson Brock
(See p. 341 and 342 ---- On Leadbeater and Annie Besant being given help by W. Crookes - and using info from various Museums - with regard to the booko "Occult Chemistry". --- But the Diagram mentioned --- in the above ---  is still very much at the core of the Occult Doctrines - whether anyone got help or not, or fumbled a bit or not. - But the second Edition of Occult Chemistry was never-the-less changed markedly !!! - And the third edition by Jinarajadasa in 1945 or so - tell us that W. Crookes (after his death in 1919) had supplied Jinarajadasa with more info from the Astral Plane !!!)


More info on W. Crookes here...

W. Crookes (1832-1919) (fellow of the Royal Society and later the President of the British Association) a man of fame in his day, living in the same period as H. P. Blavatsky.

Sir William Crookes, Pierre and Madame Curie

M. Sufilight

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