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Re: theos-talk August 9-12, ITC conference at Wheaton IL, USA

Jul 22, 2012 10:10 AM
by M. Sufilight

Very interesting.
If I had the possibility I would join.

I do hope that videos will be posted afterwards, especially on the Karmic issue and Atlantis.

M. Sufilight.

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  Subject: theos-talk August 9-12, ITC conference at Wheaton IL, USA

  Dear friends

  The 2012 ITC conference at Wheaton USA is on the theme "Karmic Cycles: Wheels of Spiritual Growth".

  It will include talks on 

  * the 700 year cycle instituted by Tsongkhapa and the other adepts who made possible the appearance of HPB and Judge in 1875;

  * the historical cycle from Atlasntis and Lemuria through to the controversy over Mayan calendar;

  * on "Healing with Cycles," "Atlantis and Lemuria," and "Karma and Social Responsibility."

  The ITC started from simple beginnings - a few students getting together for summer reunions in Oregon USA. Thru the late 90s it slowly became more popular and now is formed of theosophists from the ULT, Adyar, Point Loma and Pasadena as well as those unaffiliated.

  The conferences are intended to attract both people already in theosophy as well as newcomers, for instance this year five small ads are being placed in local Chicago papers. It ALSO tries to be affordable - not always easy - and scholarships are offered.

  Past meetings have included Los Angeles, San Diego and Santa Barbara, and The Hague centre in the Netherlands.

  Contact ITC at if you'd like to go and for details of scholarships.



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