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Resigning from TS or being thrown out of TS or.....Orthodoxy

Jul 21, 2012 03:38 AM
by M. Sufilight

Dear friends

My views are:

Since orthodoxy of Theosophy within the original Theosophical Society (1875-1891 or so) by its Co-Founders clearly and openly was sought avoided - simply because it hampered the first and main object - the promulagtion and promotion of altruism - I find such a thread on T. Subba Row - on whether it is important not to resign from a theosophical organization (or forum) rather orthodox in it self. (Se for instance W. Q. Judge article from 1892 - DOGMATISM IN THEOSOPHY --- and The Key to Theosophy, p. 18 - --- and other places)

H. P. Blavatsky wrote in her book the key to Theosophy that there in fact were more Theosophists (uselfish working individuals) outside the Theosophical Society in her time than inside it. (Se The Key to Theosophy, p. 20-21 ) --- And I tend to agree. But each individual have to decide for themselves about this.

To me, the key obstacle, which I and I think other fellow human beings keep stumbling on is the following...The average human being on this planet in these decades are filled to the brim with the idea that ANY kind of religious organization - whether it be a New Age one or a more traditional World Religion or almost any other organization - is a SECT or a CULT - and that something like an Absolutely Non-Sectarian Organization is a pipe-dream, a Fantasia, or simply non-existing, - or else they cannot understand what an  Absolutely Non-Sectarian Organization really is. The latter is most often due to a socialized upbringing and a psychological blockage or mere ignorance about the concept... - A concept which, sadly, if I may say so, continues to AVOID being explained CLEARLY by various Theosophical organizations and other similar organizations.

One central KEY obstacle to altruism, that what hampers its promotion very much, is as I see it not to understand what an Absolutely Non-Sectarian Organization really is - and then join it and expect it to behave like a SECT. Or worse to promote it like a SECT, perhaps even as a leader of it, while thinking that you are following an Absolutely Non-Sectarian Organizational frame - when you really are NOT.

To understand what an Absolutely Non-Sectarian Organization really is, one simply have to read the following from the Constitution and Rules for the Theosophical Society as they were given in the year 1890, shortly before the Co/founder of it H. P. Blavatsky died.

The relevant text is here in the below:
"The Theosophical Society is absolutely unsectarian, and no assent to any formula of belief, faith or creed shall be required as a qualification of membership; but every applicant and member must lie in sympathy with the effort to create the nucleus of an Universal Brotherhood of Humanity. "
"The Society does not interfere with caste rules, nor other social observances, nor with politics, and any such interference in its name is a breach of the constitution. The Society is not responsible for the personal opinions of its Fellows. "

1. Any Fellow who shall in any way attempt to involve the Society In political disputes shall be immediately expelled.
2. No Fellow, Officer, or Council of the Theosophical Society, or of any Section or Branch thereof, shall promulgate or maintain any doctrinas being that advanced, or advocated by the Society. "

So one does not promote what the word "Theosophy" is on behalf of the Society or forum - but always on behalf of ones very own self.

W. Q. Judge wrote in 1892 in his "DOGMATISM IN THEOSOPHY":
"There is a great likelihood that members of the Society will insist on a certain orthodoxy in our ranks. They are already doing it here and there, and this is a note of warning to draw their attention to the danger. There is no orthodoxy in our Society. Even though nine-tenths of the members believe in Reincarnation, Karma, the sevenfold constitution, and all the rest, and even though its prominent ones are engaged in promulgating these doctrines as well as others, the ranks of the Society must always be kept open, and no one should be told that he is not orthodox or not a good Theosophist because he does not believe in these doctrines. All that anyone is asked to subscribe to is Universal Brotherhood, and its practice in the search for truth."

Fromt the above I see a great tendency to group-pressure among members of the Theosophical Society, even today. And it also seem likely to be happening in other theosophical related organizations.
And this is a Problem, as I see it.

---------- What to do about it??? 

One solution could be to tell all and everyone much more about the Science on Non-Sectarianism - and perhaps also the Science on Sublte Mind Control (Importanly a rather new Science among Westerners - and - even among Eastern poopulations in these times and days.)

And I therefore see no need for the forum named Theosophy Net to blur this simple fact - of Absolutely Non-Sectarianism and avoidance of Orhtodoxy of Theosophy --- and turn their own forum into something that, as I see it, in UNCLEAR terms seek to either tell the same or something quite different - through a groups of Non-Democratically self-elected Administrator-"priests". (See Theosophy Net forum on "The new Direction" given in March 2012 - here - attempting to promote an clear stance on the Object of the Society - but the result is an unclear stance, because of an unclear formulation: -------  And the follow up thread here: ------- These are however my views forwarded so to if possible help promote a better focus on altruism - and what an Absolutly Non-Sectarian Organization and Forum really is and is NOT. - I suggest: let us get back to the basics, or rather KEEP the basics, but by all means reformulate them. It is not important whether an Organization is called something with the word "Theosophical" or not. What matters is whether it actually promotes altruism by being a Sect - or by being an Absolutly Non-Sectarian Organization (or Forum), in a blurred manner --- or whether the opposite is the end result. Let it all be known on its fruits.)

The Key and Cornerstone omitted by the Pharisee's were the doctirne on Non-Sectarianism (and Open-Mindedness and Tolerance) and what it really meant. To avoid openly and clearly clearing this term up is to avoid an Absolutly Non-Sectarian promotion. Well as I see it.  And the results will follow because of it. The present day Anti-Cult psychologists are busy - these days. The numbers of New Age cults and Old Age cults - or Sects are not in the decrease - they are increasing --- and the victims are many. (About the Science (not belief) on Anti-Cult Psychology - also known as Subtle Mind Control - try to read these SCIENTIFIC books. Books like for instance Steven Hassan, Willam Sargant, Magareth Singer, Robert J. Lifton, Edgar Schein, Kurt Lewin and others. Their books can be found online. 

Steve Hassan named: "Combatting Cult Mind Control" as well as other books by anti-cult psychologists or exit-counsellors. Or William Sargant's "Battle for the Mind", 1957 is another one. Or "The Manipulated Mind" by Denise Winn. (Check Wikipedia or elsewhere - or Wikipedia on Pavlov's dogs "Classical Conditioning".) 

All the above are of course merely my views.
Let each reader decide whether they find them useful or not.
They were written seeking to be of help to us all in this Universe.

What do you think?
Do you promote Sectarian Altruism or Non-Sectarian Altruism???

from the heart
M. Sufilight

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