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Proper marketing of a Theosophical Society!?

Jul 20, 2012 03:52 AM
by M. Sufilight

Dear friends

My views are:

Now I just wrote - "keep em coming" - about Dan Smolla's videos on Youtube and the Internet.

In a sense I regret these words a bit.

Because the Theosophical Society was originally - Absolutely Non-Sectarian.
Even Radha Burnier referred to this - as a fact - even today - in the sense, that no teaching are being forwarded on behalf of the Theosophical Society, only by the induviduals. ( See video here: Radha Burnier --- Some Thoughts on the Work and Value of the Theosophical Society )

When newcomers into New Age og spiritual religious matters arrive and listen to the videos and other videos from the Theosophical Society - they often confuse the Theosophical Society to just another Sect among all the other outlets in the religious market or New Age market. And this is not what the Theosophical Society is all about. So to promote the Theosophical Society as if it was a sect or give the impression that it is so - is not in accordance with its object and original aims - this must be true and clear. --- And to give the journalists and others who come across the videos this impression - and - NOT avoiding givning it - is what I call stupid and not even a prime example of altruism - the main object of the Society! I am writing this as politely and wellmeaningly as possible seeking to help you all. 
 --- Please consider these words carefully.

AN IDEA SO TO IMPROVE TS video-outlets:
Therefore I will propose that Dan Smolla and other friends - throw an intro to each video - stating the same thing as the magazine "The Theosophist" did when it was founded. 

Namely in short --- for instance a short intro text that rund similar to the following:
All the videos here given are not given as a voice on behalf of the Theosophical Society, but on behalf of the all individuals involved themselves. It is so since the Theosophical Society is not a sect - but a non-sectarian organization.
(Or like the original version given in the Theosophist).

OR IN A MORE FULL VERSION from october 1879 when the Theosophist was founded:

H. P. Blavatsky and H. S. Olcott wrote in agreement:
"The foundation of this journal is due to causes which, having been enumerated in the Prospectus, need only be glanced at in this connection. They are ? the rapid expansion of the Theosophical Society from America to various European and Asiatic countries; the increasing difficulty and expense in maintaining correspondence by letter with members so widely scattered; the necessity for an organ through which the native scholars of the East could communicate their learning to the Western world, and, especially, through which the sublimity of Aryan, Buddhistic, Parsi, and other religions might be expounded by their own priests or pandits, the only competent interpreters; and finally, to the need of a repository for the facts ? especially such as relate to Occultism ? gathered by the Society's Fellows among different nations. Elsewhere we have clearly explained the nature of Theosophy, and the platform of the Society; it remains for us to say a few words as to the policy of our paper.
It has been shown that the individual members of our Society have their own private opinions upon all matters of a religious, as of every other, nature. They are protected in the enjoyment and expression of the same; and, as individuals, have an equal right to state them in the THEOSOPHIST, over their own signatures. Some of us prefer to be known as Arya Samajists, some as Buddhists, some as idolators, some as something else. What each is, will appear from his or her signed communications. But neither Aryan, Buddhist, nor any other representative of a particular religion, whether an editor or a contributor, can, under the Society's rules, be allowed to use these editorial columns exclusively in the interest of the same, or unreservedly commit the paper to its propaganda. It is designed that a strict impartiality shall be observed in the editorial utterances; the paper representing the whole Theosophical Society, or Universal Brotherhood; and not any single section. The Society being neither a church nor a sect in any sense, we mean to give the same cordial welcome to communications from one class of religionists as to those from another; insisting only, that courtesy of language shall be used towards opponents. And the policy of the Society is also a full pledge and guarantee that there will be no suppression, of fact nor tampering with writings, to serve the ends of any established or dissenting church, of any country."


On the Theosophist from the old days....

Master Serapis wrote to Henry S. Olcott about The Theosophist:

"Assert your rights to the paper - it was established for you, none but you two have a right over it.....Whenever convenient explain that the paper is neither yours nor H.P.B.'s but belongs to and is under the control of certain persons no one knows anything about except your two selves...."


Master Koot Hoomi on The Theosophist:

"...Whatever the personal views of the two Founders, the journal of the Society has nothing to do with them, and will publish as willingly criticism directed against Lamaism as against Christianism....The Theosophist making room as willingly for hymns on the Lamb as for slokas on the sacredness of the cow....M[orya] thinks that the Supplement ought to be enlarged if necessary, and made to furnish room for the expression of thought of every Branch, however diametrically opposed these may be.  The Theosophist ought to be made to assume a distinct colour and become a unique specimen of its own.  We are ready to furnish the necessary extra sums for it."


Master K.H. on The Theosophist:

"And who knows, how many of those, who, undismayed by its unprepossessing appearance, the hideous intricacies of its style, and the other many failures of the unpopular magazine will keep on tearing its pages, who may find themselves rewarded some day for their perseverance!  Illuminated sentences may gleam out upon them at some time or other, shedding a bright light upon some old puzzling problems."

>>> What do you think og what do your intuitive heart tell you?

M. Sufilight

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