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Re: theos-talk Adyar Bulletin Online

Jul 20, 2012 00:35 AM
by M. Sufilight

Thanks. I have the exact same thought here.

And I have had the same thought for some months now. It keep popping up now and then.
I wonder why it have not happened years ago?
Maybe Dan Smolla or somebody else knows about it?


Here is the Dan Smolla - "bulletin"

Here are a few of Dan Smolla's latest video's

Reuben Cabigting--How I became a Theosophist (1-2 weeks old on You tube)
(A few comments by M. Sufilight: I agree. Reading a book 10 years ago or just 5 years ago - and doing it carefully - is not the same as reading it 10 years later or 5 years later. Much changes in the individuals life - and ones impression of a book changes sometimes a whole lot. - I have recently been giving the Secret Doctrine a careful examination - and - I discovered a number of new angles in it, which can be related to our time. - One of them is how present day science continue to act almost like children in a beginners school with regard to metaphysics. They do not takcle science (for example physics and anthropology) as HPB and the old Occultists did - and - do these days.)

John Cianciosi Featured Favorites
(It is a bit about: Do not read too much! And keep a balance with it... A few comments by M. Sufilight: Maybe it is a good idea to enquire and meditate about the content of the book or text one happen to read. And to meditate on the book or text as a whole. Or a paragraph in it, etc. etc. - Maybe thoughts and physical books and texts in reality are hampering your - altruistic - ability to help the universe and humanity? It aught always to be taken into account. When in will likely after all enquire one way or the other, as most people do.. --- Besides this, I think that John Cianciosi offers som interesting books. )

Keep em coming.
As I see it, a great way of promoting the original intention with the TS.

M. Sufilight

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  Does anyone know if the archives of Adyar Bulletin is online? If not, may
  be it is time to scan them and make them available for download.


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