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Re: theos-talk Why T Subba Rao Resigned from TS?

Jul 18, 2012 11:49 PM
by M. Sufilight

A few views...


Mahatma Letter 4 and 47 came to my mind....

Mahatma Letter 4
"You see then, that we have weightier matters than small societies to think about; yet, the T.S. must not be neglected. The affair has taken an impulse, which, if not well guided, might beget very evil issues. Recall to mind the avalanches of your admired Alps, that you have often thought about, and remember that at first their mass is small and their momentum little. A trite comparison you may say, but I cannot think of a better illustration, when viewing the gradual aggregation of trifling events, growing into a menacing destiny for the Theos. Soc. It came quite forcibly upon me the other day as I was coming down the defiles of Kouenlun - Karakorum you call them - and saw an avalanche tumble. I had gone personally to our chief to submit Mr. Hume's important offer, and was crossing over to Lhadak on my way home. What other speculations might have followed I cannot say. But just as I was taking advantage of the awful stillness which usually follows such cataclysm, to get a clearer view of the present situation and the disposition of the "mystics" at Simla, I was rudely recalled to my senses. A familiar voice, as shrill as the one attributed to Saraswati's peacock - which, if we may credit tradition, frightened off the King of the Nagas - shouted along the currents "Olcott has raised the very devil again! . . . The Englishmen are going crazy. . . . Koot Hoomi, come quicker and help me!" - and in her excitement forgot she was speaking English. I must say, that the "Old Lady's" telegrams do strike one like stones from a catapult! "

Mahatma Letter 47
"The sun of Theosophy must shine for all, not for a part. There is more of this movement than you have yet had an inkling of, and the work of the T.S. is linked in with similar work that is secretly going on in all parts of the world. Even in the T.S. there is a division, managed by a Greek Brother about which not a person in the Society has a suspicion excepting the old woman and Olcott; and even he only knows it is progressing, and occasionally executes an order I send him in connection with it. The cycle I spoke of refers to the whole movement. Europe will not be overlooked, never fear; but perhaps you even may not anticipate how the light will be shed there. Ask your Seraph - K.H. to let you have details thereof. "

As I see it from the above and from logic:
It is not the TS in its dead-letter that was and is the primary concern of the Master (or some Masters). It is TS in it the NON-DEAD-LETTER versions one aught to be aware of (with emphasis on the Absolutely Non-Sectarian ones ! - those without Christian Churches places at their Headquarters) - as far as logic and truth is concerned. Do you not think so respected sir?

M. Sufilight

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  Subject: theos-talk Why T Subba Rao Resigned from TS?

  Many Theosophical students are perplexed about the resignation of T Subba
  Rao from TS. Here are some thoughts.

  1. TSR was a high chela of Master M, who was also the Guru of HPB.
  2. HPB considered him to be her equal in occult matters due to his
  3. TSR had stated that every chela of every Master was told to join TS.
  4. Launching was a very major undertaking of the Brotherhood and TSR should
  be fully aware of it.
  5. Leaving TS was a major decision and TSR should have known the
  consequences of doing it.
  6. It may be recalled that in one of the Mahatma Letter to APS, there is a
  comment that at one stage of the progress of the chela, the chela is left
  totally to his/her judgement on all matters and may even ignore or go
  against his Guru.

  In view of the above, it is quite possible that TSR was at that stage and
  was on trial to see if he comes through successfully. Possibly his
  resignation from TS was an indication that he made that decision on his
  own, even though in normal circumstances he would not have done it.
  Possibly the very painful physical ailment at the time of his death may be
  one of the consequences. We may never know.

  His knowing well about the occult status of HPB and her being a chela of
  Master M and her working under the direction of her Guru in her literary
  work on occult matters, he should have known HPB is the last person to
  write about occult matters that should never be revealed.

  So his disagreement with her may be just a cover for his real reasons for
  leaving TS which he never wanted anyone to know.

  These are just my speculation.


  PS: It may be worthwhile if in the archives at Adyar, there are any papers
  of HPB on this issue which may throw some light.

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