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Creation and Change

Jul 15, 2012 08:25 AM
by Ramanujachary nallanchakravarti

and Change

âCreation is something that is most
holy, that is the most sacred thing in life, and if you have mess of your life,
change it. Change it today, not tomorrow. If you are uncertain, find out why
and be certain. If your thinking is not straight, think straight,
logically. Unless all that is prepared, all that is settled, you canât enter
into this world, into the world of creation.â -------

These are
Last Words of J Krishnamurti, in his final lecture to the world, at Chennai
(Vasanta Vihar) on 4 January, 1886.

Some key-sentences
of his talk:

>From the
beginning of the time, right down to the present day, man has always thought in
terms of religion. Man has always sought something more than this world. What is
the spirit of man that has sought something beyond the world ---?

What is that
which is nameless, which is the supreme intelligence, which has no relationship
with all our prayers, with all our gods, temples, mosques, churches? Thatâs all
man-made. Any intelligent man must put all that aside and not become cynical,
not become merely skeptical, but must have a brain thatâs really active, a
brain that enquires into everything, not only into the outside world.

The brain is
the centre of all our nerves, all our knowledge, all our theories, opinions,

The mind has
no relationship with the brain; it can communicate with brain, but the brain
cannot communicate with it.

Genetic engineering
on the one side and the computer on the other, and when they meet, as theyâre
inevitably going to, what are you as a human being?

What is
creation? What is life? We are going to enquire into the absolute â something
that is really marvelous.

What is meditation?
Is there a meditation which has nothing to do with will, nothing to do with
effort at all? The speaker says there is. --- It is something that has to be absolutely
silent. So in meditation which is absolutely no effort, no achievement, no
thinking, the brain is quiet; not made quiet by will, by intention, by
conclusion and all that nonsense; it is quiet. And being quiet, it has infinite

What is
creation? What is life? â No description can ever describe the origin. The origin
is nameless; the origin is absolutely quiet. [Then came the words
mentioned in the beginning of the message.]

then said: This is the last talk. Do you want to sit together quietly for a
while? All right, sirs, sit quietly for a while.

The audience sat together âquietlyâ for some
minutes and then slowly, silently dispersed.

                                                                                                                               Dr N C Ramanujachary

Literature is for Portrayal of Philosophic Ideas.

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