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Can the sufferings in the West traced to Karmic causes?

Jul 12, 2012 07:05 AM
by MKR

Many of those who believe in Karma, also believe its role in individual,
family, and Nation. While all the economic analysis goes on to find out why
the economy of the West is in poor shape with high unemployment, and what
can be done to make the economy recover quickly. Theosophists may want to
look at the role that Karma is playing in all this and what can be done
from that angle to help the Humanity prosper.

If I want to have peace and prosperity at home, each day when I go to work,
I need to try not to create problems to the people I deal with. On the
other hand, I need to see what I can do create peace and prosperity outside
my home.

>From this angle, the West has been fighting wars in other countries. West
has been paying the price in the human suffering that has resulted to their
own young men and women who were fighting. At the other side of the war,
lives of many have been disrupted and many have paid a heavy price of

The question that any believer in Karma may want to ask is whether the West
is paying the Karmic price. If we are convinced it is, would it not be sane
to immediately put a stop to continued suffering West is causing? Something
to think about.


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