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Was Holloway seen as potential successor to HPB?

Jul 12, 2012 06:00 AM
by MKR

I ran into an extract regarding Laura Holloway last night. It looks like
she was looked on a as a potential successor to HPB as a person with
psychic and literary abilities. It is possible that she failed in some
critical occult test.

1884 Letter by W.Q. Judge in Paris to Col. Olcott.
(The Theosophist, Vol. 53, Nov. 1931;, pp.201-202
O.E. Library Critic, Vol. 21, Apr. 1932, p 9)

"1 do not know what you know about it, but I will bet my head to a
lemon that 1 have got now a magnificent coadjutor, if not a successor
to H.P.B. and one who has trained scientific methods of literary work,,
as well as psychical abilities of the kind that make H.P.B. so;
remarkable. I thought in the street yesterday I heard the Master say
Mrs. H. would be a successor and then they would let H.P.B. vanish.
Two hours after in the parlor in talking to Wagnalls, who extolled the
character of Holloway (though not referring to anything else) H.P.B.
leaned back and said, '0 my God, if I shall only find in her A
SUCCESSOR, how gladly I will PEG OUT!'. A curious 'scientific



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