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TS Founders' Travels

Jul 11, 2012 06:04 AM
by MKR

The TS was built by hard work of founders - HSO and HPB. It is well known
that they traveled very extensively in India at a time travel was not easy.
In the July 1882 issue of Theosophist Supplement, pg 2, there is an
interesting account of their travel during the period Feb 17, 1882 to June
24, 1882. Here are the details.

Railway - 5,637 miles
Ocean Steamship - 1,000
Gondola - 291
Palankeen - 110
Bullock Cart - 143
Carriage drawn (coolies) - 48
Carriage drawn (horses) - 117
Elephant - 6-1/2

Total - 7,352-1/2 miles

MKR Comments: In person contact is essential to build and sustain any
organization. Even in the age of modern communication and transportation,
politicians all over the world know there is no substitute to in person
visits and travel widely. The founders knew how critical is travel and they
were willing to do the hard work of traveling in India. It looks like
modern day leaders seem not to take seriously the need to personally travel
around and keep in touch with theosophists. No wonder there is a continuing
decline of membership around the world (except India). One wonders if in
theosophical leadership there is a mistaken belief that modern technology
is a substitute for in person travel. This is an issue we have not seen
discussed at the highest levels. (Are theosophical politicians listening?)
Hopefully things will turn around soon.


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